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Meet Vidigami

Vidigami is an advanced photo management platform designed exclusively for schools. It allows members of your community share the memories they make every day. In one central, members-only space, centralize photos, make them searchable from past to present, and control how they’re shared with students, parents, faculty, and staff. Now, there’s so much more you can do with school memories!

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  • Enterprise-level Management
  • Media Showcase
  • Community Engagement
  • Self-Publishing

A One-Stop Solution

Vidigami offers a solution that goes beyond traditional photo sharing. From enterprise-level management and organization to community engagement and publishing, it’s a one-stop solution for storing, viewing and making the most out of school photos.

How Vidigami Works

A Hub for School Memories

Don’t let your school photos be buried in applications, shoe-boxed in hard drives, and lost across personal devices. Make them accessible, and use them to keep everyone connected.

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How Can Vidigami Help Me?

Vidigami is committed to providing the best place for storing and sharing school memories. We understand that photos play an important role for every department within your school so we want to empower all users with the ability to leverage these photos for their needs.



Personalize donor campaigns and communications for alumni relations, fundraising, and admissions


Marketing / Communications

Find the right photos at your fingertips and transform them  into assets that engage your community and enhance your school’s legacy. Share highlights across platforms. Create engaging collaterals.


IT & Database

House school-wide media securely. Protect student data and privacy. Collaborate across departments to collect and manage school photos.



Share your students’ achievements and work. Manage yearbook production with the right photos.



As Alumni, look back and cherish your memories from your school years. Showcase your best work and help curate amazing stories – for yourself and for your peers.



Get a window into your children’s day-to-day experiences. Stay up to date on all the great things happening at school. Create personal collections of your favorite photos, so you can design and order lasting keepsakes, prints, and so much more!

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“We are SO GLAD we purchased Vidigami. It has been revolutionary for our in-office/on-campus workflows, for our ability to collect photos from students and parents, and for the ability of parents to access photos of their children (this is especially important to us because we are an all-boarding school and parents are often very far away from their kids). THANK YOU for coming up with this product and tailoring it to schools!”

Liz Torrey, Alumni Information St. Andrews School Middletown, DE

“Our school photos are the crown jewels of Southridge. Vidigami ensures these photos are preserved and organized in a student-centric way. But the biggest value we see in Vidigami is a tool for our families to better connect with our school. It keeps getting better the longer you use it.”

Alan McInnes, Web & AV Service Manager Southridge School Surrey, BC, Canada

“Vidigami brings an exciting new perspective to boarding families. Logging in, the first faces you see are those of your kids. Unlike social media, Vidigami is a consistent funnel of photos telling the story of each child at school and sharing it with their parents.”

Ross Murray, Communications Stanstead College Quebec, Canada

“In the past, photo management was a challenge. With platform issues, access limitations, complexity, and lack of security. This is where Vidigami filled the gaps. It offers a centralized, easy-to-use solution, bringing so much value to Seven Hills’ IT and advancement teams.”

Renee Ramig, Director of Technology Seven Hills School, California

“Though social media channels are great services for personal use, I believe strongly in protecting students’ data by keeping access to their photos and other personal details password-protected. Vidigami offers the privacy and security that schools need.”

Namita Toli, Head of School Montclair Cooperative School, Montclair, NJ

“Some of the things we love about Vidigami is the security and the facial tagging capability – which really helps our yearbook staff and other people with projects for the headmaster. It also offers SSO with several big website vendors, such as Finalsite, Blackbaud, and inResonance.”

Laura Berne Korotkin, Communications and Social Media Manager Detroit Country Day School, Detroit

“Vidigami makes it easier to connect with our parents and community. We have a better relationship with parents who are now sharing their photos and contributing. Management and outreach are much simpler than it was before.”

Stephen Ogata, Tech Consultant Caedmon School, New York, NY

“Every year the yearbook team said that they were struggling with getting the right photos. Now, there is a much larger selection to choose from. Vidigami was the first product of its kind we had looked at, offering a central location where all community members can upload photos while being able to control the groups and which photos can be placed where.”

Kate Raven, Communications Officer Greenwood College School Toronto, Canada

“Community is the DNA of Woodland School, and every community requires communication. A multi-faceted tool like Vidigami makes sense because it’s in line with that community involvement. Communicating through visual representation is extremely powerful, particularly with images that connect emotionally. This is a tool that everyone can use, and I no longer have to scramble around to find the content I need.”

Bethany Silvestri, Director of Communications Woodland School Portola Valley, CA

“So many photos and so little time. Vidigami saves our media and marketing departments hours trying to find the perfect photos. With both Parent and Student contributions, 99% of our campus events, big or small, are now documented with photos.”

Dean Saul, Web Manager/Marketing Cary Academy Cary, NC

Available on iOS and Android Devices

Download the Mobile App for iOS or Android devices. Capture photos with and easily upload them directly from your camera roll to Vidigami. Tag faces, add photos to sets and get in-app notifications on new and relevant activity.

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