Back to School: The Year of the Photo

While students are snapping away their last days of summer holidays, parents and teachers are eagerly prepping for back to school – new uniforms, lesson plans, sports teams, concerts and oh so much more. Never-opened textbooks and fresh classrooms await; a new chapter is about to begin.

Exciting times and new experiences call for memories to be captured and shared. Only for students in 2015, every day is a new experience and every moment can be captured. Documenting every day life is now the norm, something both parents and students participate in and expect others to partake and share on a daily basis.

Being able to capture and share students’ lives in this way is something new to this generation. Even 10 years ago there was limited space available on hard drives and the term “cloud storage” would have seemed like an oxymoron.

What does this mean for schools? You now have an opportunity to create a personalized experience for each student and, with Vidigami, a tool to engage with parents that has never before existed.

Now, the issue isn’t how many photos you can take but where to store them to provide secure access and an organizational configuration that is both flexible and structured. With a system like that in place, experiences will be freely shared and schools and parents will gain access to a world of recent memories ready to be relived. Something important to remember is that it is imperative to record when photos are being taken. This is easy to do by setting the date and time on your camera (or phone), and will save time and frustration when sorting and organizing in the future.

This year “back to school” brings a new wave of eager pupils, the same as every other year – but the students of 2015 will live out their next school year in the eye of the camera.

This is the year of the photo. But so is next year, and the next, and every year after that.

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