The Value of Photos Over Time

When photographs first became commonplace, a photo truly was “worth a thousand words.” The average person did not have access to a camera and photos were a way of broadly sharing an event or a faraway place. To this day, a good photo can tell a story to the world in an instant. But in the 21st century, how many photos are taken for every so-called “money shot”?

There are now often thousands of photos for every “good” shot. And multiple people are taking photos of the same subject – whose camerawork will come out on top?

When the subject is your student, or child, you want to be able to easily source and sort all the best photos, consistently over time. This requires a lot of work: downloading, editing, organizing, filing and sharing. What happens when you switch cameras, phones, computers or storage systems? Photos get lost or left in the digital abyss.

Imagine having access to the best photos of your child, in one location for their entire education. Being able to login and upload all the photos from your device in to folders that already exist for events you just attended. Better yet, imagine logging in to find photos you didn’t even know existed of your child that others have uploaded.

The fact is there are more photos than ever documenting children throughout the years. Organization and archiving have not caught up to this trend. With Vidigami Rewind there is now a way to automatically organize and preserve photos of students, creating a visual timeline of their years at school.

In this digital age, what is 12 years of the best photos of your child worth? Far more than a thousand words.

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