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Case Studies

FCDS Finds the Right Solution for School Photo Management

Fairfield Country Day School (FCDS) had tens of thousands of photos from the current and previous school years, but photos were stored in multiple places throughout the school. Some remained on teachers’ iPads and camera phones, others were archived in storage boxes – rarely were they shared. Finding these photos in a quick and convenient way was impossible. “Each teacher had their own way of saving photos, so there was no way to store them in a centralized place,” says Marie Mitchell, Learning Commons Coordinator at FCDS.

After researching many different photo management options, FCDS could not find a solution that met the needs of their school: centralized, secure storage of all photos that staff and parents could privately access.

Vidigami is the Photo Management Solution for FCDS

With Vidigami, FCDS found a way to capture and organize all school photos in the categories of their choice. Uploading is easy and fast, and the private access to all photos taken by teachers and parents gives the school community a variety of photos by grade.

Vidigami allows users to get a glimpse into the many events that take place at FCDS. “Teachers can access photos as needed in a few simple steps and uploading photos is so easy that our photo collection is larger than we ever thought it could be this year,” shared Marie.

Designed specifically for independent schools, Vidigami allows FCDS to increase 1:1 marketing efforts to their school community by sharing memories. And, parents don’t want to miss their child’s most important moments at school. Vidigami provides a win for schools and their families.

Curating the Yearbook is Faster and Easier 

Fairfield Country Day School Yearbook Editor would collect multiple USB drives from teachers and staff filled with photos. Sorting and organizing the photos for the school yearbook became a laborious task.

With Vidigami, she quickly searches for the exact photos she is looking for. As albums are clearly labeled, she can easily locate specific photos and uses the “Sets” function to curate consolidated albums of only the photos she needs.

How FCDS Promotes Vidigami in their Community

Once Vidigami was in place, Marie knew she had to get teachers and parents to activate accounts and make Vidigami part of their everyday school life.

“What worked well for us was having one person as the go-to Vidigami expert for any questions and help. We had teachers activate their accounts during a professional development day at the beginning of the year that all were required to participate in. We also had a competition in the winter with a prize to the division with the most uploads. Once teachers saw how easy it is to use Vidigami, particularly the iPhone app, the buy-in was easy!”

To increase activations and engagement among parents, FCDS includes announcements in the weekly newsletter and has an ambassador at the Parents’ Association announce frequent updates about Vidigami at the PA meetings. Displaying a Vidigami banner in the hallway also helps keep Vidigami top-of-mind for parents and students.

“My favourite thing about Vidigami is how easy it is to upload and access the photos so that all the great things we do at our school are documented in one convenient place.”
– Marie Mitchell,  Learning Commons Coordinator Fairfield Country Day School

One Year Snap Shot

With more than 80% of the FCDS community activated and over 20,400 photos added since 2014, the school has found a way to capture and organize all school photos in the categories of their choice.

How Southridge School Used Photos to Strengthen Their Community

As a media-savvy independent school, Southridge had a photo-archiving system that worked well. School events were well documented through photography and other media, and parents were asking for snapshots of their children.

While the photo-management system allowed Southridge to store and sort thousands of photos, the school lacked an effective way of sharing them with their families and students. Southridge needed a solution that would not only give families better visibility into their children’s activities at school, but would foster an open community of collaboration, sharing and feedback. Specifically, Southridge looked for a media system to help:

  • Conveniently and privately share photos with staff and parents
  • Easily acquire photos taken by students and parents
  • Curate all photos for yearbook and collateral
  • Increase Southridge community engagement and participation

Why Vidigami?

With Vidigami, Southridge found a photo management system with a student-centric design. Invitation-based with password protection, Vidigami allows teachers, parents and students to collaborate and share the variety of school photos taken both in and outside of their school. In addition, and most importantly for families, Vidigami provided their parent community a true window into their children’s daily school activities and education.

The Power of Vidigami

Vidigami facilitates tagging photos, immediately organizes albums, securely stores them online, and shares them privately with others. The Southridge community can easily access all photos, past and present, from one secure place. As Vidigami is designed exclusively for independent schools, Southridge now has school photo albums organized by year/grade/event, student and teacher face-name tagging, and permissions-based editing features.

“Our school photos are the crown jewels of Southridge. Vidigami ensures these photos are preserved and organized in a student-centric way. But the biggest value we see in Vidigami is a tool for our families to better connect with our school.”
– Alan McInnes, Web and AV Services Manager, Southridge School

Crofton House School Preserves Memories, Builds Heritage, and Engages its Community with Vidigami 

Established in 1898, the Crofton House School is a renowned university preparatory school for girls in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In 2011, led by Director of the Junior School Susan Hutchison, Crofton House adopted Vidigami, the photo-sharing and community-engagement service designed exclusively for schools. A promising pilot led to a successful rollout to the whole Junior School: community members uploaded more than 32,000 photos in the first full year of service. More importantly, Hutchison has enjoyed easier photo management, a more-engaged community, and a new way to build school heritage.

As director of the Junior School for Crofton House, Hutchison constantly seeks new ways to build heritage, preserve culture, and enrich her school’s diverse community. A couple of years ago, Hutchison faced a tactical challenge: how to preserve Crofton House School memories without getting buried in a digital media avalanche.

The Need: Managing and Sharing Photos, Without Sacrificing Privacy

“We have this universal issue,” explains Hutchison, “[of] how to manage all these stunning photos we have of our children. How do we share them with families? How do we archive them in the school? How do teachers access them?”

Several parents introduced Hutchison to Vidigami, the photo-sharing and community-engagement service designed exclusively for schools. For Hutchison, Vidigami represented an innovative approach to managing school media assets, but also a novel opportunity to engage parents and faculty. More importantly, Vidigami provided a private and secure place to preserve and share Crofton House photos.

With the support of parents, faculty, and students, Hutchison worked with Crofton House School staff to pilot Vidigami for photo-sharing in the Junior School. After training sessions and Vidigami outreach, the program took off. In one pilot class, families and staff uploaded more than 4,400 photos, 97% of parents participated, and more than 90% of families purchased end-of-year keepsake media.

Vidigami Photo-Management: Secure, Easy to Use, Simple to Organize

For Hutchison, Vidigami has provided a dynamic opportunity to preserve school heritage and build community. Crofton House has since rolled out Vidigami to its entire Junior School, engaging parents across all grade levels. And its benefits have extended beyond parents to faculty and staff.

“Vidigami gives us a very professional, systematic way of organizing [photos] that’s easy for teachers and easy for families.”
– Susan Hutchison, Director of Junior School, Crofton House School

“Vidigami gives us a very professional, systematic way of organizing [photos] that’s easy for teachers and easy for families,” says Hutchison. “It does focus on each child, for the family. But for us at the school, we have files of photos for different kinds of events, and teachers can access them. We also use photos in the school for talking points with children and students, and we know where we’re keeping them. And we can easily access them.” Hutchison also notes that Vidigami has made life easier for the Crofton House School Communications department, which is now “funnelling their photos into it.”

Schools looking to preserve photo assets and then share them with the broader school community face another obstacle: how do you protect privacy and ensure security with photos of kids? Hutchison acknowledges the challenge, and credits a Vidigami security model that preserves privacy and enables protected photo-sharing within a closed school-community environment.

“In terms of risk management, [Vidigami] actually encourages people to funnel [pictures] into one place,” says Hutchison. “From my perspective, instead of people taking pictures of many different children at an event and then posting on Instagram or Facebook, now it’s somewhere safe.”

The Impact: Providing a Window Into the Life of Students

Vidigami has simplified photo-asset management and delivered a safe, private-cloud-based photo-sharing solution for Crofton House School. But Hutchison notes that Vidigami is more than a photo-management tool: it’s a service that provides parents “a window into the life of a child at school.” And that Vidigami benefit is bringing the Crofton House community closer together.

“Parents and families have this collection of images that walk with their daughter each day, and they can share those images with appropriate family members, or even talk about them at home,” she explains. “I’ve heard of one family that goes on [to Vidigami] with their daughter and says ‘Tell me about this, tell me about that, what were you doing here?’”

Crofton House School now calls upon a broader collection of photographers at school activities – families share their own pictures on Vidigami, but also see their children in photos taken by others. Comments Hutchison, “you can be here for special events, but you’re not here to see all the different things that happen.”

The Future: More Sharing, Connection, Meaning

For Hutchison, Vidigami provides a path to better family engagement. “From pedagogy, we want connections with parents,” says Hutchison. “We know that when parents are connected with the school, children thrive. They thrive academically, they have a sense of belonging. So for me, anything that can facilitate that network of connection is really important.” Vidigami gives Crofton House the opportunity to preserve school memories.

“[Vidigami] really supports our vision of community. Everyone is sharing images of all the great things that are happening in this school…It’s fantastic.”
– Susan Hutchison, Director of Junior School, Crofton House School

One Year Snap Shot

32,000 photos uploaded.

Southridge School Connects with Families Through Photos in Vidigami and Finalsite 

As a media-savvy independent school, Southridge had a photo-archiving system that worked well. School events were well documented through photography and parents were continually asking for thesesnapshots of their children. While Southridge families were actively using the Finalsite website and portal to access student and school information, there was no effective way for the school to share photos. What they needed was a solution to store, share and preserve tens of thousands of photos.

The Power of Vidigami + Finalsite

Designed exclusively for independent schools, Vidigami allows the Southridge faculty to privately share photos amongst their community of teachers, parents and students. Southridge found a system to:

  • Organize albums by school year/grade/event
  • Easily acquire photos taken by students and parents
  • Securely store photos for yearbook and collateral
  • Provide a direct link to Vidigami from the Southridge Finalsite website
  • Increase Southridge community engagement and participation

With Vidigami’s student-centric photo-management platform and Finalsite’s web solution, Southridge has quick access to the most current content, newsletters, collateral and more up-to-date.

Invitation-based with password protection, Vidigami allows teachers, parents and students to collaborate and share the variety of school photos taken throughout the year. Families get a window into their children’s life at school, so Southridge can foster an open community of collaboration, sharing and feedback.

“Vidigami is the perfect complement to Finalsite’s web solution for independent schools. It makes collecting and distributing photos easy and quick, all within one secure platform. For Southridge, being able to offer this advanced media manager to parents and faculty has enhanced the way they are engaging with our school.”

– Alan Mclnnes, Web and AV Services Manager, Southridge School

One Year Snap Shot

52,000 photos uploaded.

75% of parents have activated accounts.