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FAQ’s – Face Tagging

How do I tag a face?

Tagging faces in Vidigami is easy. After opening an image, the system will detect a face, indicated by a grey box. Simply click on the box and select from a drop-down list of names. If the grey box does not appear, simply activate the “Tag Faces” icon at the top right corner of the image and select the face you wish to tag.

What is Assisted Tagging?

Vidigami is designed to provide schools with optimal privacy, security and personalization. An integral part of the intelligent organization system is Assisted Tagging using facial recognition technology. This occurs when Vidigami begins to match the face of a registered student to faces detected in new uploads. When it has greater than 90% confidence, it will then tag that student’s face. All other detected faces must be manually tagged by a user.

1. It Starts with A Strong Reference Set

In order for Assisted Tagging to start running, a number of reference photos need to be tagged. A good reference set consists of 6-10 images. 2 high quality photos are needed to kickstart recognition. The first may be the student’s portrait photo provided as part of on-boarding and the second is via manual tagging. With 6 reference photos, the system’s ability to identify and match faces doubles. Recognition is not immediate and takes time. Each new student face tagged updates the reference set and the system attempts to re-match all faces.

2. Encourage the community to help tag

Assisted Tagging helps organize your photos, but in order to do so effectively, it requires user participation and training for the system to learn. Getting the school community more involved in the collaborative tagging process is key in helping personalize school memories for everyone. Once tagged, photos are permanently stored in each student’s personal collection.


How fast Assisted Tagging works depends on a number of factors within your school, such as:

  • Number of common faces in each group
  • Number of photos being analyzed per upload
  • The image quality and clarity of the faces tagged
  • The addition of members to each group

For Assisted Tagging to function properly, it is recommended that schools add members to custom groups that are created after the initial set up.

For more information, please view the info sheet below:

Download Info Sheet