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FAQ’s – Feeds


What are Feeds?

Feeds are stories that are relevant to you and any public groups that you are a member of. These stories are displayed on a single page, making sure the most recent and relevant content is at the top for you to see first. You can scroll down the Feeds Page to see all stories within the organization as long as they have not been set to private.

Whenever you log into the system, the first thing you will see is your Feeds page, where any activity around content relevant to you will be displayed. While exploring Vidigami, you can always return to your Feeds Page by selecting the “Home” button on the top left corner of the web app.

What are notifications?

Notifications are a way to alert you of any new activity. At the top right hand corner of the web app, you will see a “bell” icon. Each time there is a new story that is relevant to you, a number will pop up beside it. Select the icon to see your notifications. Those that have been read will be highlighted white, while unread notifications will be gray. Select a story to see the content and its location within Vidigami.

When will I get notifications?

You will get a notification when you have been:

  • Tagged in an image, or more specifically, when your child has been tagged.
  • Someone likes an image that you uploaded.
  • You or your dependent have been added to a new group.

Administrators will also be notified when a user has reported an image.

How long are the notifications displayed for?

You should be able to see both read and unread notifications for up to seven days.

I just uploaded some photos but the story doesn’t appear on my Feeds. Why is this?

The Feeds Page does not auto refresh. You can refresh your feeds page by selecting the home icon. Sometime stories take a minute or two to take shape in the system before they are published.

How many stories can I view on the Feeds page at a time?

Due to Vidigami’s responsive design, how many stories you see at a time depends on the size of monitor or device you are using, as the page and its content will adapt to the size of your display. Typically, on the web app, you will be able to see up to 6 stories. You can always scroll down to see more activity.

Do I see feeds of everything happening at my organization?

Yes. However, the content you see in your Feeds Page is displayed by relevant stories first, followed by all activity from within your organization. The Only exception is private content. Members who are part of private groups will be notified of events relating to content within it and see that activity in their Feeds Page only.

Will I see relevant activity on my Feeds Page since I started using Vidigami?

Feeds and Notifications start on the day of the feature release. Vidigami has not captured any previous events, so this data cannot be displayed. If, however, you like an image that was uploaded before Feeds was released, the event will be captured, generating a story and notifying the relevant member.