Vidigami Graduation for the Class of 2020

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5 Steps to Kick Off Vidigami for your Graduates

Step 1 - Designate Vidigami Project Leader(s)

As with any program, you need to have a project lead.  So, designate a Vidigami project leader(s) who can represent your school and graduating class to help set up your site. We just need to know who we should invite into the system and to set up the graduation timeline for your school.  It’s a 30-minute consultation with our Vidigami Pro! 
Identify a few other reps to support the success of your program.  You may already have those individuals on your Grad Committee.

Step 2 - Onboard Your High School Seniors and Staff

There are 5-pieces of info we need to set up the system for your students and staff.  We give you the template, you add the student and staff data, we set it up for you. 
Prepare launch email for the program.  From our template, personalize the invitation email to staff and students.  Perhaps this invitation comes from the principal? Student council president? Head of the Graduation Committee?  It’s up to you.  

Step 3 - Prepare to Launch

Review the Graduation Albums we’ve created for you. Rename one or all of them so they represent events and activities of your Graduates.  You can rename or add new albums at any time. 
Invite select staff and students to upload photos and videos from the school year to seed the system so there’s lots of content when everyone joins.

Step 4 - Launch Vidigami To Seniors & Staff

Send invitation to your students and staff to Vidigami! Encourage them to see everything that has been added and recommend that they add their own photos in the relevant albums! 
Tell them how you’re going to use the photos. Will it be part of the Graduation Program, Gradebook, or Year-end Video?  Is it part of a contest?  

Step 5 - Your Virtual Graduation

From the photos collected, you or Vidigami (*optional) can produce a procession of graduates. This slideshow can be used as part of the graduation ceremony - whether that is online or in-person. 
Your recording of the graduation ceremony can be added to Vidigami so it becomes part of the school memories for the Class of 2020 for years to come!

  1. Vidigami free service to Class of 2020 grads is a limited time offerVidigami reserves the right to discontinue this offer once service capacity is reached. 
  2. Additional consulting and support services are available at discounted hourly rates, as needed.
  3. Pre/post event production and upload recorded event to Class site within 24-hours - $200 or 2 support hours.
  4. All prices are in US Dollars. 



  • Ongoing access if school signs up for standard Vidigami service. $475 applied as credit towards annual service fees.



  • Self-Service + the following:
  • Custom project board
  • Custom setup for your Class of 2020
  • Branded school site + Snap Lens
  • Success manager with up to 5 hours of support [2]
  • Guided training
  • Online library for graduation program or yearbook
  • Batch-download for users until July 5th 2020
  • 10% discount for gradbooks and programs from Picaboo Yearbooks


  • Hosted and moderated online event of up to 30-minutes. [3]
  • Ongoing access if school signs up for standard Vidigami service.  $475 applied as credit towards annual service fees.



  • Access to Vidigami
  • 30-Minute consultation call
  • Self-Service project management board
  • Template site for your Class of 2020
  • Standard online support within 24 hours
  • Self-service training
  • Self-service launch
  • Download available for users until July 5th, 2020


  • Ongoing online access if school signs up for Vidigami service.




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