FAQ’s – Sharing

Why make photos public?

Whether it’s a school wide event, sports victory, or unforgettable moment, you may wish to share these memories with a wider network. With various channels like social media, email newsletters, and the website, there’s always content to be shared. Instead of having to separately download, filter, and re-publish batches of photos for multiple uses, Vidigami enables admins to publish a set of photos directly from a public set in any group.

What is the difference between public and private sharing?

There are two ways you can share photos in Vidigami.

  1. With private sharing, you can simply forward a link to other Vidigami members from that specific school via social media or email for quick access to an album. If the recipient is already logged in, the link will take them directly to that album. If not, they will need to log into the site.
  2. Public sharing, on the other hand, allows admins to share group sets so anyone outside Vidigami with the link can access them as a slideshow. These links can also be shared via social media and email. In addition to a share link, an embed code for the set will be generated, which can simply be copied and pasted into the back end of any of any 3rd party application that supports media content.

Will viewers with public links be able access Vidigami and see photos from my school?

No. When a viewer clicks on a slideshow published on a website or other external source, they will only be redirected to album if they are an authenticated Vidigami member. If they are not, they will be redirected to the Vidigami Login page.

How do I share photos publicly?

In order to share photos publicly, you will first need to enable sets in a group, as entire albums cannot be made public in Vidigami. Once this is done, create a new set and add photos to it. Then, make the set public in the settings. You can then share this set using the green ‘Share Slideshow’ button at the top right corner, which will generate a shareable link and an embed code to be used in any way you see fit.


Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 2.46.23 PM

How do I share photos privately?

When you are in an album, you can privately share photos with the same ‘share’ button as the one for public slideshows. This will generate a link that you can forward to other members of your school who are activated in Vidigami. If the recipient is not logged in, they will be redirected to the login page.

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What is an embed code and how is it used?

An embed code is a block of HTML which is embedded in a page-source and creates an object in doing so. In this case, embed codes generated when you publish a set create slideshows when built into a specific page or platform.


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Where can I publish a slideshow?

As long as you have the embed code for a public set, you can share slideshows in any digital platform that can support it. This can be your school website, e-portfolio, content editor, learning management system, or even a digital display. Share links also generate a preview image of the slideshow when shared on social media or an email.

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How do I publish a slideshow into Finalsite?

After copying an embed code from your Vidigami set, you can simply paste it into an embed content block in the Finalsite composer. Watch this video to learn how: 

How do I publish a slideshow into Blackbaud onMessage?

After copying an embed code from your Vidigami set, paste it into a content block in your website editor within onMessage. Watch this video to learn how: