FAQ’s – General

Who owns the photos uploaded to Vidigami?

Vidigami considers the owner of a photo to be the individual who uploaded the image. As part of the terms of service, the photos are intended to be shared with members of your school. This means that owners agree to allow Vidigami an ongoing license to use, repurpose, repackage, and provide support to the access of the photos for members of your school. Other than the owner of the photo, no member of your school or Vidigami has the right to license the rights of the photo to any individual or organization outside of the school, nor should those photos be used for public distribution without prior consent from the owner.

What happens to the original photo when it is uploaded to Vidigami?

Vidigami retains the original image uploaded.  This image is replicated and stored in multiple regions so that we ensure every image at upload is backed-up immediately. We retain the EXIF data associated with the image as part of the original image. It is also added to the meta-data associated with the image collected by Vidigami in the system.

Is there a limit to the size of each photo uploaded?

Yes, 40MB.

What browsers can I use to upload photos?

Our Photo Uploader has been optimized for use with Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Listed below are the supported browser details:

  1. Chrome : Latest version recommended
  2. Safari : 9 or greater
  3. Firefox : 37 or greater
  4. ie : 11 or greater

What image files can I upload?

  2. Images Smaller than 10000×10000 pixels
  3. Images larger than 100×100 pixels
  4. Images smaller than 20mb
  5. Images larger than 10kb

Is there a limit to the number of photos that we can upload?

No, because the service is on the cloud Vidigami is able to offer unlimited storage for your images. More photos equals more engagement.

There are no limits to the number of photos you may upload to Vidigami.  For efficiency, you may upload batches of photos into multiple albums at one time.  Uploads of less than 200 images at a time are recommended. The load on the browser is affected by the amount of images you upload. Therefore you could experience lag until the upload has completed. 

Can I drag and drop photos from Apple’s desktop Photo App?

Drag and drop from Apple Photos is not supported.  Unfortunately Apple Photos has not supported the ability for users to drag and drop photos into commonly used photo editing applications, including Adobe Photoshop and many other third-party online services (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6988568). We have reported the issue to Apple earlier this year and are waiting for a resolution.  As soon as this is resolved, we will publish an update.

All of my selected images seem to be displaying, but are not uploading. How do I complete my upload?

You may be experiencing a cacheing issue specific to your desktop. This could occur if Vidigami tabs are left open for long periods of time. To resolve this issue, you can either clear your browser history that includes the cached option, or close your browser.  Once your cache is cleared, please try uploading your photos again.
Side Note: to optimize your uploading experience, we recommend you only have browser tabs open that are immediately necessary.