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FAQ’s – What’s Changed in Vidigami 4.1

There are some major changes to Vidigami with the new 4.1 release. For the complete list of what’s new and what’s changed, please refer the Release Notes and the Quick Start Guide for more details.

What information does the new sidebar have?

We made some improvements to the sidebar so you can see the most relevant information first.

Before we had:

  • The shop buttons: Shop, Cart and Order History.
  • School year selector.
  • School Name & Group types to access the groups.

Now we have three sections:

  1. Personal
    • Quick link to “Photos Of” your kids
    • Sets
  2. Recently Viewed Albums
  3. School Name(s) (With School year selector)
    • Admin button (for school admins)
    • Groups that you are member of
    • Browse All Groups (takes you to the Group Directory Page)

How do I view all Groups in a school?

Previously, we could see all the groups on the side menu categorized under their Groups Type, on hovering over the Group Type all the Groups under that Group Type appeared.

On the new Vidigami website, you can find all the groups in the Group Directory Page You can navigate to the Group DIrectory Page by clicking on the “School’s Name” or “Browse All Groups” in the sidebar. Here, groups are organized by categories and you can find any group by using the group directory search bar.

What do the new Group Types mean?

We used to have “Group Types” such as Staff, Grades, Teams, Clubs, Groups and School Events. With the new release, we have seven pre-created Categories to easily organize the Groups. The following are the categories:

  1. Internal: Ideally used for all internal operations. It is recommended to turn on ”Make Private” for Groups under this Category (Please Note: All groups under existing “GROUP” and “STAFF” group type maps here).
    • Group Examples: Faculty, Parent Association, Yearbook, Marketing, ​Advancement.
  1. Academics:​ (Please Note: All Groups under existing “GRADES” group type maps here).
    • Group Examples: Grade 1, Miss Rose’s Class
  1. Athletics:​ (Please Note: All Groups under existing “TEAMS” group type maps here).
    • Group Examples: Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball.
  1. Arts
    • Group Examples: Glass Painting, Pottery, Painting.
  1. Events​: (Please Note: All Groups under existing “​SCHOOL EVENTS” group type maps here).
    • Group Examples: Christmas, Halloween, School Assemblies.
  1. Clubs: (Please Note: All Groups under existing “​CLUBS” group type maps here).
    • Group Examples: Cooking Club, Debate Club, Science Club.
  1. Off-Campus
    • Group Examples: Museum Field Trip, Cross Country Skiing.

How can I create a new Group?

Previously, to create a new group, school admins could click on any group type from the sidebar and click on “Add.”

Now, the school admins can go to the Group Directory Page (by clicking on the “School’s Name” or “Browse all Groups” from the sidebar) and click on the “Create Group” button in the right hand corner.

How do I access the Admin section?

Previously, to access the Administer section, the top header had an “Admin” button, that when clicked, displayed all the actions the administrator could do with links to each section.

In the new Vidigami website, we have made this features accessible through the sidebar menu. You can find the “Admin” button under the School Name. Once clicked, you can see all the sections that you can administer.

How can I delete Albums and Sets?

Previously, to delete albums, you could select an album with the checkbox at the lower right corner. A bar would appear at the top of the group page with options which included “Delete.”

On the new Vidigami website, Admins and Managers can delete an album after entering the album and clicking on the pencil (in the top right hand corner) of the album page.

Inside the Edit page, there is the Delete Album button.

Similarly, previously to delete a Set, you could click on the “Delete Set” button on the green toolbar.

With the new Vidigami website, go inside the Set and click on the pencil in the top right hand corner. Inside the Edit page, you will find the “Delete” button.

What is the difference between the Global Search Bar and Group Search?

The Global Search Bar is easily accessible at the top of each page in the navigation bar. When you use Global Search, the results are the photos of tagged content of groups, albums and photos.

Are there restrictions on the Global Search Bar?

When a parent is using Global Search to find members, they will only be able to find results of tagged photos of their children.

How do I tag photos?

View the image in Lightbox, select “More Info” in the top right corner, and then select “Add Tag.” Type in the Add/Remove tag search box.

How do I tag albums?

In the album, select “Add Tags” and type in your tag name in the Add/Remove tag search box.

Where do I find all the functions in Lightbox?

In the album, select “Add Tags” and type in your tag name in the Add/Remove tag search box.