Connecting the Best in School Photo Management to the Best in School Connectivity: Blackbaud WhippleHill Partners With Vidigami

Here at Vidigami, we work to make photo management easier, faster, and better for schools. We’re committed to helping schools engage their communities, preserve their memories, enrich their students’ experiences, and build heritage. Blackbaud WhippleHill shares those core values, and its innovative school software offers schools freedom of choice in how they streamline communication, enhance learning, connect people, manage enrollment, and increase efficiency.

And that’s why I’m proud to announce that Vidigami and Blackbaud WhippleHill software technologies are now connected, with both companies’ integrated services—from admissions to content to calendaring to grading to photo management.

“We’re pleased to partner with Vidigami to provide an integrated photo-management experience for Blackbaud WhippleHill schools,” says WhippleHill Communications President and Founder Travis Warren. “Blackbaud WhippleHill is redefining the way schools interact online, and our integration with Vidigami extends that connected parent, teacher, and student user experience to photo management.”

WhippleHill schools are already implementing the integrated services.

To learn more about the Vidigami-Blackbaud WhippleHill integration please contact

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