Engaging School Parents as Vidigami Ambassadors

When parents are the driving force behind Vidigami at their school, the results are incredible. Parents are essential to Vidigami schools, and when they contribute their wonderful passion, commitment, and beautiful photos, the broader school community reaps the benefits.

Recently, a private Vidigami training session was held for parents at the Crofton House School in Vancouver, BC. The tailored content was simple: Capture school moments with photos, share those pictures, and spread the Vidigami word to other parents. For all you Vidigami teachers and staff, here is a recommendation for several approaches to engage your parents.

First, challenge parents to become photojournalists! Encourage them to take pictures not only of their own children, but also of other kids. Whether those budding pro photoparents are at a school soccer game, sitting in the front row of the holiday concert, or serving on lunch duty, inspire them to capture special school moments. And don’t be afraid to play favorites–Find your “top 4” parent photographers per grade and assign them to capture images of specific students. Parents who spend just two mornings or afternoons per quarter will create special photographic memories that will build community, heritage, and school culture.

Second, encourage those Vidigami parents to share photos. Everyone falls victim to “forgotten-photo syndrome”–Your phone is great for taking pictures, but how often do you browse through them? Provide a gentle reminder to parents (via email, in person, on a blog, etc.) to both take and share photos. Everyone will benefit! Maybe even offer a reward for “most uploads.”

Third, schedule informational Vidigami sessions for parents.  Start with a how-to-upload-to-Vidigami session. Invite parents to bring their laptops, cameras, and phones, and walk them through getting photos onto the Vidigami service. (Lather, rinse, repeat throughout the school year!)

Vidigami brings your community together through pictures. Photos + Memories + Sharing = One Amazing School Experience for Parents and Kids. Take advantage of those parents’ vested interest and your Vidigami community will thank you!

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