Where Do I Put My Photos?

This is the perfect time of year to create a new Vidigami photo album. In the last month alone at a school in Vancouver, BC, there was a Holiday Concert, Grandparents Day, Work-sharing, the Hamper Drive, Sing-a-Long, and the Carol Service!

No doubt, you’ve been snapping lots of great photos at all the different events you’ve attended in the past month. When you go to upload them to Vidigami, you may find you are the first to upload photos of a particular event. Don’t despair if you are sitting down, mug of coffee in hand, to upload your treasure trove of memories and discover there is nowhere to “go.”

Vidigami lets anyone create an album. Simply click on the correct grade, scroll to “CREATE A NEW ALBUM.” Click on it, a window will prompt you for a new name, and presto, you have an album. Be sure there isn’t an album created already with the same name, or a similarly-titled album for the same content (example: before you create an album called “Winter Concert,” double-check to see if there’s already a “Holiday Concert” album).

But…what if you create that “Winter Concert” album and then discover that a fellow parent has already created a “Holiday Concert” album? Not a problem! It’s easy to migrate your photos between albums. You can either move them one by one or work with your child’s teacher or the school’s Vidigami administrator to move the pictures over to the correct album.

Happy uploading!

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