The Importance of Setting the Date and Time on Your Digital Camera

Repeat after me, “I promise to set the date and time on my camera”. Read on as to why I think everyone should take this pledge.

One fairly large aspect of my role as the Web and AV Services Manager is processing the wealth of photographs that we receive from various Southridge events and activities. I try, as much as possible, to gather photos from students, faculty and parents from events and activities where I am not able to attend to take photos such as field trips, outdoor education trips, away games for sports, etc.

In addition to sometimes not having enough information about the event or activity itself such as who participated and the story of what was happening, the single other challenge is knowing the date and time of the photos.

One huge benefit of digital photography is that we can now automatically tag each and every photo we take with the date and time. All we have to do is ensure that our camera’s date and time is set correctly and yet, I am always surprised how many photos I receive where the date is obviously not correct.

Date and time settings in the Menu

It is easy to set the date and time on your camera by simply going into the menu, find the date and time setting and go through the steps to set the date and time correctly. Once you set it, it should hold the correct date and time. It certainly doesn’t hurt to check it from time to time.

Remarkably, digital photography has allowed us to take pictures like never before as we are now free of the restrictions of film and processing costs. This freedom has allowed some of us to create a huge amount of photos and our children are now documented like never before.

I guarantee that you will never regret setting the date and time on your camera when it comes time to sort out your photos. If you are like many people, you may collect photos over time on your camera and then download them all at once. If it has been several months since you last downloaded your camera, it may be hard to remember when an event or activity happened. Having the correct date and time on the photo file will always be a welcome reference.

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