How Parents Benefit from the Right School Photo Management Solution

For some parents, what their children do at school can be something of a mystery. Whether it’s their first day in a new class with new friends, an interesting discovery through the lens of a scientific microscope, or a great action shot of them winning their very first volleyball game, Vidigami provides parents with a unique window into their children’s academic lives.

With its simply designed user-friendly interface, navigating Vidigami is easy. Understanding its value for a parent is also easy, so here are the top four benefits of the photo management system for a parent:

1. Personalized for Every Parent: each parent’s Vidigami account is individualized so that access to their children’s photos is easy. They can view tagged photos of their children on the Landing Page, but also on their Sidebar for quick access. With our tagging feature that automatically adds photos to their child’s profile, this allows them to discover images they may never have known about, or from an event they may have missed! We make it simple and convenient to find the most important and valuable content for each user.

2. Collaboration with the Community: aside from their child’s photos, parents are able to explore all the album images in Teams, Clubs, and School Events. They have the unique ability to collaborate and connect with other parents, faculty, and students to create albums and upload photos that may have been sitting on their computers collecting dust. This participation not only gives all parents an opportunity to enjoy memorable photos of all the students, but creates a tighter school community knowing that other parents are supportively involved in their children’s education and academic lives.

3. Contribution at Any Time and Any Place: with the Vidigami iOS app, parents are able to view and upload photos directly from their mobile device. Whether it’s in the classroom or the soccer field, for people who expect immediacy in this day and age, we address the need to share their memories.

4. Preserving and Sharing Memories: Vidigami helps celebrate the accomplishments of every student. With the Vidigami shop, we help parents do just that: save and share those precious memories with everyone. Parents can choose from a selection of keepsakes such as canvas prints and posters, mugs, and even Christmas ornaments for the upcoming holiday season.

With Vidigami, parents have the unique opportunity to take a step into their child’s lives to become more aware of what their children do at school, while also making them more involved in school events. This connection fosters stronger community engagement, ultimately benefiting the education and school experience of the student.

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