Vidigami 4.0 Release Update: Here’s what you have to look forward to

Announcing February 3: Vidigami 4.0! Here’s what you have to look forward to in our newest product update.


The Vidigami release includes enhancements to the application interface and navigation, making it easier for Staff, Parents, and Students to find what they need. In addition, this release introduces Tags as a way to more efficiently organize and search for the right photos. 

What’s New?
  • Group Directory page. This page displays all Groups (i.e. Grade 3, Basketball Team, Science Club) organized by Category, and shows you the albums, photos and members of that Group. You can also create new Groups, search for Groups, and view albums within that Group.
  • Group Tags. These are custom labels that you assign to a Group in order to search or filter by that Tag, thus making it easier to quickly locate the right albums and photos. Tags are managed on the Admin section of the app.
  • Search. By Group and Group Tag Name.
  • Quick links. To “My Uploads,” and “My Likes” from the top nav.
  • Albums Linked to more than 1 Group. Such as Christmas Concert Album in Grades 6 and 7.

What’s Changed?

  • Create Groups directly from the Group Directory page. This previously existed in the side nav.
  • Renamed Group Type labels:
    • Staff, Groups → now called ‘Internal
    • Grades → now called ‘Academics
    • Teams → now called ‘Athletics
    • ‘Arts’ (new category)
    • School Events → now called ‘Events
    • Clubs’ (remains same)
    • Off-Campus’ (new category)
  • Improvements to the Sidebar content. 
  • Larger photo thumbnails.
  • Admins and Managers can now delete Groups with albums/photos.
  • The previous Album Management functionality can be now achieved by Album Linking. Album Migration has been removed as we work on a better solution to migrate structure.
  • You can easily Delete an Album or Set from its “edit” page.

To support the release, the Vidigami application will be unavailable on Feb 3, from 3pm – 4pm PST, as we make necessary service upgrades. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions regarding this new update, please contact Team Vidigami at

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