Fairfield Country Day School’s Photo Management Solution

Fairfield Country Day School (FCDS) had tens of thousands of photos from the current and previous school years, but photos were stored in multiple places throughout the school. Some remained
on teachers’ iPads and camera phones, others were archived in storage boxes – rarely were they shared. Finding these photos in a quick and convenient way was impossible.

“Each teacher had their own way of saving photos, so there was no way to store them in a centralized place,” says Marie Mitchell, Learning Commons Coordinator at FCDS.

After researching many different photo management options, FCDS could not find a solution that met the needs of their school: centralized, secure storage of all photos that staff and parents could privately access.

Vidigami was the photo management system that FCDS was looking for: secure and private with centralized organization, it was the solution to fulfill the needs of both parents, and faculty.

Curating for Yearbook is Faster and Easier

Previously, the Yearbook Editor would collect multiple USB drives from teachers and staff filled with photos, as a result of school photos being stored in multiple locations, amongst multiple people. Therefore, sorting and organizing the photos for the school yearbook became a laborious task.

With Vidigami, curating photos for the yearbook is so much easier. Not only are all photos in one central location, but they’re also organized: albums are clearly labeled, making it easier to locate specific photos. It takes the guesswork out of deciphering which grade were involved in which events and at what date. Plus, “Sets” further help to create consolidated albums of only the photos needed.

How FCDS Promoted Vidigami to their Community

Once Vidigami was in place, Mitchell knew she had to get teachers and parents to activate accounts and make Vidigami part of their everyday school life.

“What worked well for us was having one person as the go-to Vidigami expert for any questions and help. We had teachers activate their accounts during a professional development day
at the beginning of the year that all were required to participate
in. Once teachers saw how easy it is to use Vidigami, the buy-in was easy!”

To increase activations and engagement among parents, Fairfield includes announcements in the weekly newsletter and has an ambassador at the Parents’ Association announce frequent updates about Vidigami at the PA meetings. Displaying a Vidigami banner in the hallway also helps keep Vidigami top-of-mind for parents and students.

Designed specifically for independent schools, Vidigami allows FCDS
to increase 1:1 marketing efforts to their school community by sharing memories. Plus, parents now won’t miss a single moment their child’s most important memories at school. Vidigami provides a win for schools and their families.

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