3 Tips to Efficiently Manage Your Time, and Your Family’s

Organizing your family and running a household is like a train: maintaining all the cogs and gears to keep it chugging, ensuring it doesn’t derail, all while keeping everyone in line so they don’t miss their “stop.” It can make anyone want to blow their top.

If the train metaphor got you side-tracked and therefore off track, let’s rephrase that: organizing your family and running a household is a lot. Whether it’s grocery shopping, coordinating pick up and drop off of your kids at school, taking the dog to the vet, remembering the staff appreciation luncheon you’ll have to cook a dish for…it can become quite overwhelming if you don’t have the right tools or strategies to efficiently manage your time (and your family) well.

So let’s take a step back with these three tips to help get your priorities, planning, and life all organized.

Shared Calendars

Organizing your time is one thing, but seeing how that fits in with the other million and one things your family has going on at the same time is a lot to remember) and coordinate). With shared calendars (the iOS Calendar app on your iPhone, or shared Google Calendars) never miss a beat. Plus, remove the need to constantly ask what everyone is up to. With less redundancy and better organization, remain up to date with everyone’s plans where coordination and collaboration are achieved through this small, yet impactful change.

To-do Lists

It seems simple and like a no brainer if you have hundreds of tasks that need to be done. But, are you doing it right? First off, always write everything down. It’s not an insult to your memory, but the gratification of crossing something off your list is truly rewarding. Secondly, give yourself deadlines. Question if your due dates for yourself are realistic considering everything else that you have on your plate. And thirdly, constantly consult your list and make sure you’re keeping on track with what you want to accomplish. Refer to it, and plan your time accordingly.


The great thing about sharing your calendar and your to-do list is that it keeps you accountable with what you say you’re going to accomplish and do. That way, people can support you by helping you keep on track with your tasks and responsibilities. Plus, they may even offer help when needed too.

And lastly (here’s a freebie tip), don’t be afraid to ask for help whether you think you need it or not. You’re not a one-man-team. It’s great to be independent, but know that you don’t have to do everything all at once, or even by yourself.

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