How Southridge School Used Photos to Strengthen Their Community

As a media-savvy independent school, Southridge had a photo-archiving system that worked well. School events were well documented through photos and other media, and there were plenty of photos of all the students.

While the photo-management system allowed Southridge to store and sort thousands of photos, the school lacked an effective way of sharing them with their families and students. Southridge needed a solution that would not only give families better visibility into their children’s activities at school, but would foster an open community of collaboration, sharing and feedback. Specifically, Southridge was looking for a system to help:

  • Conveniently and privately share photos with staff and parents
  • Easily acquire photos taken by students and parents
  • Curate all photos for yearbook and collateral
  • Increase Southridge’s community engagement and participation

Why Vidigami?

With Vidigami, Southridge found a photo management system with a student-centric design. Invitation-based with password protection, Vidigami allows teachers, parents and students to collaborate and share the variety of school photos taken both in and outside of their school. In addition, and most importantly for families, Vidigami provided their parent community a true window into their children’s daily school activities and education.

The Power of Vidigami

Vidigami facilitates tagging photos, immediately organizes albums, securely stores them online, and shares them privately with others. The Southridge community can easily access all photos, past and present, from one secure place. As Vidigami is designed exclusively for independent schools, Southridge now has school photo albums organized by year/grade/event, student and teacher face-name tagging, and permissions-based editing features.

“Our school photos are the crown jewels of Southridge. Vidigami ensures these photos are preserved and organized in a student-centric way. But the biggest value we see in Vidigami is a tool for our families to better connect with our school.”

– Alan McInnes, Web and AV Services Manager, Southridge School

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