Reach and Vidigami partner up to engage boarding school families


Reach has been setting the global standard for student care and risk management among boarding schools. Now, Reach has partnered with Vidigami to further enhance the connection between our schools, their students and their families. Through the boarding school platform, Vidigami will provide centralized access to photos relevant to boarding school students and families.

“When families entrust their children to the care of their schools, they want more than to ensure that they’ve made the right choice. There is no better way to reinforce that decision than by engaging families in the student experience through photos that are regularly taken by students and faculty. Vidigami makes it easy to give families a personalized window into their children’s diverse friendships, activities, achievements, and adventures. This level of visibility is simply what today’s generation of families are demanding. We look forward to enabling our schools with the means to offer this through our partnership with Vidigami.” – Garry Jowett, CEO of Reach.

“Today, photo-sharing is part of our culture; it’s how we communicate with each other,” says Mandy Chan, Founder & CEO of Vidigami. “Some of the most memorable moments in our lives are those we experience during our school years. We want Vidigami to provide students with an easy way to capture and celebrate those memories; for families to have the opportunity to be part of their kids’ education, and to empower schools with a service that strengthens their community.”

Managing the Photo Avalanche

Tens of thousands of photos are taken at a school, every year. More often than not, many of the photos collected are lost to personal thumb drives, hard drives, and SD cards. Virtually every application today demands photo content but rarely is this content readily available. A common case is when content becomes siloed by the various school departments and a general lack of organization prevents schools from leveraging photos captured by their community in a way that benefits them. When photos are locked into an application, the likelihood of being able to retrieve it in the future is pretty low. This is where Vidigami comes in.

The Solution

Committed to providing the best place for storing and sharing school memories, Vidigami is an ideal solution for boarding schools. It offers members of the immediate school community an easily accessible and private environment for uploading and viewing photos. Out-of-town and distant parents love the personalized experience that pushes photos of their child directly to their account. Additionally, using its community-built library of filters and tags, Vidigami allows the school’s internal stakeholders to efficiently find and showcase photos for marketing, communications, and advancement.

The Impact – A Case Study with Stanstead College (Québec, Canada)

With a growing number of students being enrolled, Canadian boarding school, Stanstead College is in the process of further integrating Vidigami into its long-term communication plan. The goal is to not only grow and centralize content for internal use but also keep international families informed and engaged with each student’s experience and school-wide activity using photos – the simplest, most powerful and versatile communicative tools.

“Vidigami brings an exciting new perspective to boarding families. Logging in, the first faces you see are those of your kids. Unlike social media, Vidigami is a consistent funnel of photos telling the story of each child at school and sharing it with their parents. It also helps keep existing and prospective families informed of school activity.”

– Ross Murray, Communications, Stanstead College

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