Here’s What’s New in Vidigami Version 4.3 | Feeds and Notifications

We just released Vidigami 4.3, and we’re excited to share what’s new!

Vidigami has been continuously exploring how schools can manage their photos in the best way possible. It offers a centralized platform that makes the storage, organization, personalization and self-publishing of crowdsourced content easier than ever. Now, we’re taking it to the next level, bringing a more engaging social element into the mix.


In the past, many of our schools brought up a key need. With so much content contributed by parents, teachers, and students, how do we keep track of activity, especially from people and events that we care about most? That’s why we developed Feeds and Notifications, a new way for everyone to stay connected to all the great things happening at school. Admins and managers can keep track of who is engaging with content, which groups and albums activity is taking place, and when, while families would get a real-time update on the new groups they are part of, photos that are added to them, who’s being tagged, and what’s being appreciated.

“I’d love to know when parents have uploaded a new album or added photos to it. Without this, I constantly need to comb through thousands of photos trying to find what’s new, and there’s never enough time for that. The only way I can find out about the photos posted are from my department and frequent users, who let me know what they are doing.” – Sini Fernandez, Marketing and Communications Manager at The Bear Creek School.

With Feeds, members land on a brand new home page, where stories around new and relevant content are constantly pushed to them:


In addition to the Feeds page, Vidigami brings a new way to notify members of activity relevant to them. By selecting the “Bell” icon at the top right corner, members can stay on top of what’s new every day.

Sort by Date Taken

Vidigami makes finding your school photos easy, with the ability to sort content based on different data. In Version 4.3, you can sort photos by the date they were taken by your mobile device or camera.

For more help on these new features, feel free to reach out to us at You can also read the FAQs here.

Watch the video below to see how Feeds and Notifications work:

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