Make Slideshows Shine on Social Media

Make Slideshows Shine on Social Media

A school Content Manager’s job is not easy; there’s so much to do before they can share the perfect content on social media:

  1. Ask teachers, parents, and students to upload their photos
  2. Filter the best shots out from the hundreds collected
  3. Make sure they have the rights to use each of the students’ photos
  4. Schedule content accordingly for each of the school’s different channels

With Vidigami Slideshows, this process has never been simpler. You can now curate photos easily with Vidigami as well as share those photos both publicly and privately. Here’s how:

6 Tips on Publishing Slideshows

1. Prepare your Group Set

In Vidigami, enable sets in your group settings (ideally, this would be an internal group, like marketing or advancement). You will now see a new tab in the group called ‘Sets’. Create a new set here and use it to collect photos from various public albums in Vidigami. Make sure all photos can rightfully be published.

2. Publish your Set

Once you set is ready to be published, select Share Slideshow. Choose one of the social links (Facebook, Twitter, or Email) to auto-generate a post, or simply copy and paste the share link to any social media platform that supports media (WhatsApp, Linkedin…etc).

3. Enable Previews

When adding a share link to a post, you don’t even have to attach any other images since the slideshow generates previews from the share link. Did you know that in Twitter, instead of just seeing a static image, audiences will be able to dynamically scroll through the photos in the slideshow right from their feed? Try it out!

4. Get Creative with Your Content

Aside from featuring photo highlights, there’s so much you can do with slideshows. Make them engaging and informative. A great graduation activity is ‘Guess Who’ – share baby pics of each of the grads, and get some great reactions in the comments on various channels. Or, use Slideshows to share important bulletins, get the community in on where to upload their photos and banners for events and programs, instead of publishing a separate post for each. The possibilities are endless.

5. Use handles & hashtags

About to publish a new slideshow on social media? Remember to use the Vidigami handle or hashtag. (@vidigami or #vidigami). This helps us get a snapshot of how each of our schools is using the feature, so we can work towards making it even better.

6. Update Slideshows in Real Time

Did you know that whenever the group set you’re working within Vidigami is updated, the slideshow updates automatically too, even if it has already been published? You no longer need to repost content with last minute additions or removals. What’s more, you can use the same set of images to feature in the newsletter, blog post, and your website, instead of storing separate sets for each channel, making campaigns easy and efficient.


Here’s how North Shore Country Day School shared a preview for the Upper School Chorus & Instrumental Ensemble:


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