What’s New in Vidigami | August 2017

Providing you with new tools to set up and manage your organization

The new Vidigami web app is officially live and ready to use for the 2017/2018 school year!

Setting up your school is a critical step in Vidigami, and we want to make sure you do it in the best way possible. With this latest release, we’re giving you more control when building your school’s backbone. This means getting all your staff, students, and families registered in the system, setting up a group structure for the school year, and ensuring that every user is part of their respective class, department, club, event, or other school group. With all this information in place, you’ll see how Vidigami can benefit you and your community in the long run.

Here’s what’s new:

1. Improved Service Provisioning

We’ve redesigned the way you import users and groups to Vidigami. Using a more robust system, you can now set up your organization from ground up much faster, and create a framework that allows you to easily update information year after year. With a new CSV format, we’ve enhanced:

  • Update User Host IDs – if you already have users in your Vidigami system, but they do not have a user Host ID (a unique identifier assigned to members of your school as per your SIS or equivalent school database), you will need to export your current user list from Vidigami and update the Host IDs in the CSV before importing it back to the site. Here’s how:


  • Flexible school year – Define the start and end dates for non-standard calendar periods (e.g. Summer School). To set up a custom school period, contact us at support@vidigami.com.

2. Improved Service Management

Once the organization is set up, maintaining it is key. To help you manage your system, we now have:

  • Updated Filters – Not only can you filter groups by school year within the Group Directory, you can also easily filter users by which school year they are a part of, making searching and management quick and flexible.



  • Simplified User Engagement – with a new way to open Vidigami up to your school community, and a streamlined invitation/reminder process.


To learn more about the updates, read the FAQs, Quickstart Guide, and more resources from the Vidigami Support Center.

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