What’s new in Vidigami | October, 2017

What’s new in Vidigami | October, 2017

Vidigami enables different members of your school community to manage and share memories. Now, we’re bridging the gap between faculty, students and their families even further, by enhancing how creators and authors can manage rights to their content and centralize “work” in a more personal way than ever before. Managing digital rights and moderating content has never been more secure and simple. Here’s what’s new:

Student Work:

Vidigami now enables users to classify and share content as student or professional work. Users may designate creator(s) or collaborator(s) as well as add context to photos through titles and descriptions. This enhances search and allows creators to curate more personalized galleries for their work. When you select a photo and go into Lightbox mode, you can add:

  • Title (e.g. Waterfront)
  • Description (e.g. Oil on canvas, final piece for 2017 Art Showcase). Adding a URL here will direct the user to an external website.
  • One or more names can be added to “Created by” (e.g. Chloe Graham).
  • One or more individuals can be associated with content by adding them under “With”. This is for collaborative work and is relevant to group projects, events, or activities that may be organized by a team of people (e.g. If certain students were part of a project, but are not present in the photo, they can be added in the “With” field to be included). Content associated with a member (either as a creator or collaborator) is immediately added to his/her personal collection.

Additional notes:

  • Titles and descriptions from photos containing IPTC-compliant metadata will automatically be imported into Vidigami, so you don’t have to add it again in the Lightbox.
  • Notifications will be pushed to any user under “Created by” or “With” fields (e.g. When Chloe Graham is added as a creator for a painting, Chloe and her family will be notified that content has been added to her personal collection in Vidigami. Note that Feeds are not generated for these events.

Learn more about Student Works in the Quick Start Guide


By permission, you can now designate a photo as copyright material by enabling or disabling ‘Copyright’ in Lightbox mode. When enabled, a watermark will appear on the image, visible to all users with access to it. With Copyright, creators have more control over how their content is shared and used. For example, an Admin can copyright a set of graduation photos and direct users to the third party school photographer’s website (URL) to purchase. Copyright images cannot be downloaded from Vidigami or ordered from the Vidigami Shop.

  • There is a new permission to “Manage Copyright” available when applying roles. Only admins and managers (including managers of a specific group) can manage Copyright. Other users with permission to apply copyright can apply to their personal uploads only.
  • Similar to titles and descriptions, when an IPTC-compliant photo with copyright metadata (ie., from Lightroom) is uploaded to Vidigami, the Copyright is imported and a visible watermark will be automatically applied.

Learn more about Copyright in the Quick Start Guide

Content Moderation

Content moderation offers school admins and managers an easy way to monitor and manage all photos uploaded over the course of 7 days:

  • There is a new permission to “Moderate Content” available when applying roles (enables user to view reported photos and weekly uploads).
  • There is a new tab in the Admin page called “Weekly Uploads” for admins and other users based on permission. Here, all uploads to Vidigami over the last 7 days can be viewed.

Learn more about Content Moderation in the Quick Start Guide

For more information about this release, check out the updated FAQs and Quick Start Guide in the Support Center, or, contact support@vidigami.com for any questions.

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