Vidigami + Finalsite: A Success Story with Southridge School

“Having access to authentic crowdsourced content is probably one of the most valuable things a school can have.” – Mia Major, Content Marketing Manager, Finalsite.

This week, we got together with Finalsite’s Mia Major and Alan McInnes, AV Manager from Southridge School in Canada. Southridge is an early-adopter organization who has championed using both Vidigami and Finalsite Composer together to create an integrated photo-sharing workflow. Now, they are gradually opening up the platform to involve the student body as well. Alan, who is also the lead administrator in Vidigami, shared how their team utilizes Vidigami’s functionalities, particularly how photos are shared on their recently re-vamped school website.

“Photography is one of the most powerful things you can do for your website,” says Alan. “If you observe any website, you will notice how something as simple as a header image really sets the tone for the entire section or page.” A challenge, however, is the continuous need to update media content in the back-end – removing and re-uploading images, and keeping tabs on what is displayed throughout the site at all times.

A top best practice adopted by Southridge to better manage this workflow is the use of Vidigami sets. Sets are collections of photos from various albums, that can be accessed at a personal or group level for a range of purposes – including the building of student portfolios, self-publishing, and, using share links and embed codes, to enable both private and public sharing to any third party platform that supports media content.

Vidigami isn’t just about sorting and storing the avalanche of photos that are collected by each member of the community. It enables school teams – particularly marketing/communications and yearbook staff – to proactively and productively use photos, while allowing faculty, students, and their families to personalize content for each and every student and their individual experiences throughout their academic journey. With the help of intelligent tagging, context, and centralization – effort needed from your team is reduced, and above all, search-ability skyrockets, helping everyone find the photos they need in a heartbeat…for staff, parents, and students alike.

To hear the full story and more product updates, watch the webinar on-demand here:

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