Vidigami 4.5 (Video)

What’s new in Vidigami | November, 2017


Introducing video – allowing you and your community to capture and centralize still memories, and moments in motion. In the latest November release, we’ve added the ability to insert YouTube or Vimeo videos into Vidigami, easily move albums from year to year, and, several bug fixes and improvements to the system.

Here’s a rundown of what’s changed:

1 – Add external video links

External video links from Vimeo and YouTube can now be added into any Vidigami album.  These videos can be viewed, tagged, and shared with the community. Users can also sort content within an album by images or videos.

Support for enabling users with the ability to add Youtube and Vimeo links is managed by permission. By default, users who are designated Admins or Managers will have permission to Insert External Video.  This permission may be enabled or disabled when assigning a system role to a user.

Things to keep in mind:  

  • You may add an External Video to a Set but the Video will NOT appear in a published slideshow. Video clips hosted directly in Vidigami (coming officially in the new year) will play as part of Vidigami slideshows.
  • External Videos may NOT be downloaded from Vidigami even if you’ve enabled it to be “downloadable” in your Vimeo/Youtube settings.  This is a limitation of the embedded player.  You may choose to add a direct link to the video in the detailed description if you want users to be able to directly download the video from Youtube/Vimeo.

2 – Move albums from year to year

Users can now choose to move an album from one year to the next from directly within a group page, or, within the settings of the album.

3 – Modified Vidigami logo on slideshows

The Vidigami logo has been modified to improve the photo viewing area in published slideshows.

4 – Upload short native videos (BETA)

In December, Vidigami will enable native video upload of up to 60 seconds under a Beta program.  Please let us know if you wish to participate in this BETA. The full release will be introduced in the new year.

For more information about this release, check out the updated FAQs and Quick Start Guide in the Support Center, or, contact for any questions.

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