Vidigami at TABS 2017

Vidigami at the 20th TABS Conference

Possibly the best place for boarding schools to network and take part in workshops with leading experts is the annual TABS Conference. This year, Bill Miles, CEO, and Mandy Chan, Founder and President of Vidigami, participated as sponsors for the 20th TABS Conference in Boston. They joined more than 700 attendees, including EdTech leaders, heads of schools, marketing, admissions, academics, residential life, and other administrators from far and wide.

Over the course of the event, they discussed strategies for growing engagement among students, parents and faculty, by using one of the most effective means of communication today: visual media. How can schools more easily access and use photos and videos to build more connection at school? And, how can community-crowdsourced content be leveraged in the best ways possible to create a rich archive for staff, personalized stories for families, and even to aid student growth?

“Last week I asked the marketing team to find me a photo of a smiling kid. 5 days later they were still looking! After spending an hour staring at the file directory, I headed outside and took the photo myself.” This is just one of the many stories Mandy and Bill heard from Heads of Schools, Advancement Directors, and other attendees at TABS, in between the lobster and efforts to accumulate drink tickets. Photos and videos are flying around, and it’s a real challenge to find good ones, stay organized and share them in a private, secure way.

Bill and Mandy also met with several Vidigami clients at TABS. Judy, Director of Communications at Trinity-Pawling School, was thrilled by the response following the launch of Vidigami during their Parent’s Weekend. Many others, including Tilton School, Pomfret School, and Milken Community Schools also came by to swap stories and hear about the latest and upcoming releases.

Working with diverse schools across the United States and worldwide, Vidigami offers a tailored solution that goes beyond traditional and free cloud-based services. It offers a private members-only space for sharing photos and videos in meaningful and secure way – a must-have particularly for boarding students and their families. In the end, by creating a more inclusive and personalized photo-sharing experience, all events, work and achievements captured throughout the year can be pushed to the relevant people, and celebrated years afterwards.

We are excited to discuss industry trends and share our story to any schools that we missed at TABS. Book a 20-minute demo with our team any time.

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