Blackbaud & Vidigami: How Cardinal Gibbons High Schools Engages Parent Community

Blackbaud & Vidigami: How Cardinal Gibbons High Schools Engages Parent Community

Webinar Summary

Blackbaud has enabled schools to effectively manage relationships and successfully fundraise for years. We know that to be successful in these advancement efforts, schools need a strong connected community. Effective parent engagement is key to building that strong community, healthy re-enrollment and promoting admissions, and, sharing and personalizing the student experience with families is more important than ever.

Last week, our CEO, Bill Miles, joined the Blackbaud team and guest speaker, Lesley Coe, Director of Technology at Cardinal Gibbons High School, to hear how the school uses Vidigami to showcase school highlights, streamline communications, and build a better workflow for publications.

Here’s a quick rundown of what they discussed:

  • The importance of parent engagement in any school community and some key trends
  • Cardinal Gibbons’ story on adoption of Vidigami, and their top 3 target areas (admins, students, and parents)
  • Using photo sets for curating hallway photos, homepage slider, social media, and content in various other channels (digital displays).
  • How content is funnelled into a central source (student photojournalism team does coverage for various events, and offers photo packages to the rest of the school)
  • Tagging strategy and searching
  • The Parent Group – parent involvement in Vidigami and reception

Watch the full webinar recording above to learn more (to hear Lesley Coe’s tips and tricks, jump to 5:59)

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