Vidigami 4.5.3 (Insights and Portfolio)

What’s new in Vidigami | January, 2018


As an admin, you can now get a snapshot of how engaged your community is through the new Insights tab in the Admin page. Here, you will be able to view valuable statistics over set time periods on user activations and various activities within Vidigami. This data includes:

  • % of users activated
  • % of families covered
  • Top 5 users (per user type: Parents, Staff, Students) who have been:
    • Uploading – all who are contributing great content from school
    • Tagging faces – all who are actively helping out in getting your school Auto-Tag Ready!
  • And, graphs for:
    • User activations in Vidigami
    • Uploads per user type
    • Downloads
    • Active users

Note: Insights relies on the tracking of user actions when they are logged into Vidigami, such as tagging, uploads and downloads. If your Insights page appears to be inaccurate, learn why here.

Learn more about Insights.


The personal collection of student or staff work as well as photos and videos of school life is now featured in the Portfolio section. Once media is tagged by student or staff name (face tagged or tagged based on “created by” or “with”), it is immediately added to their individual Portfolio to provide a year-over-year personalized collection of their life, work and achievements. A user can access their Portfolio section by selecting their name on the left sidebar. 

  • The Media tab captures photos and videos where the user has been tagged (either through a face tag or using “With” tags)
  • The Works tab contains all media where the user has been tagged as a creator (using the “Created by” tag).

Managing Groups from User Affiliations (Profile) Page.

When clicking on a user’s name in Vidigami from the Users List tab in the Admin Page, you will be directed to their Affiliations (or Profile) page. In the Profile tab, admins can now see all the groups the selected user is part of across different years, and will be able to add or remove the user from groups.

For more information about this release, keep checking the FAQs and Quick Start Guide in the Support Center, or, contact for any questions.

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