Vidigami & Finalsite: The Content Strategy Your School Needs To Engage Families

Webinar: A Glimpse at The Raleigh School’s Content Strategy for Engaging Families using Vidigami and Finalsite

At your school, possibly the most important constituents to consider are families. How do you build connection with current parents, and reinforce prospective families’ decisions to enrol their children? Simple: engaging content and stories. Each school year, every member of the community is capturing photos, videos, and documenting the life, work and achievements of every student. These memories are a gold mine for communications. All it takes is a straightforward strategy to get your community even more involved, and take part in sharing student stories.

Your website is one of the first places people come to learn about what is offered and celebrated at the organization. Finalsite offers schools with the best way to build their presence online, and the content you curate and showcase across all your digital channels plays a huge role in effective parent engagement. It is key to building a strong community, healthy re-enrollment and promoting admissions.

In this partner webinar, Join Finalsite’s Content Marketing Manager, Mia Major, Vidigami’s Director of Schools, Tina Barkley, and special guest, The Raleigh School’s Director of Marketing and Admissions, Anu Mannar, who shares how school memories can be easily collected, managed and shared out with families in a more personalized way, in order to keep them continuously engaged and involved in the student experience.

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