Vidigami 4.5.6 – What’s New?

What’s new in Vidigami | March, 2018

Vidigami has launched some new features that make it easier for users to tag people in media as well as to manage group sets and slideshows. Here’s what’s new:

Turning your group sets ‘public’

Upon creating a new group set, you will be able to enable it as ‘Public’ within the same window, instead of only being able to activate it in the group set’s settings after the fact. This makes it easier for you to instantly set up a new group set specifically for sharing slideshows to social media, email, or your school website.

Sorting set content

Want to be able to sort the content in your public slideshows? Now you can! In any group set’s settings, Vidigami now provides you with advanced filters for sorting all content in your group set in ascending or descending order by:

  • Date taken at (default)
  • Recently Uploaded
  • Original file name
  • Lightbox title (which you can edit at any time from within Vidigami). This is the best option to use if you are planning to give all the content for a public slideshow in a specific order.

Member tagging

In the past, Vidigami only allowed the tagging of student and staff user types in the system. Now, people tagging has been extended to ‘members’ who may include parents and other users within your school community as long as they are registered in the system by your school admin. Please note that if you are an existing school, member tagging can be enabled on request.


For more information about this release, check out the FAQs and Quick Start Guide in the Support Center, or, contact for any questions.

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