Vidigami 4.5.7 – What’s New?

Vidigami 4.5.7 – What’s New?

You might have seen and used a number of apps that give you the option to login via one of your existing accounts. If you have yet to activate your Vidigami account and are logging into the system for the first time, you can now choose to login using Facebook, Google or Microsoft.

Why use Social Sign-On?

Your Facebook/Google/Microsoft and Vidigami accounts can now be linked, making it easier and quicker for you to login. If you prefer to use a specific platform (e.g. Google) to sign in, you will not need to create a separate account for Vidigami.

Using more than one account?

For each new user who activates their account, Vidigami can only connect with one other external platform. That means, if you choose to login for the first time using Facebook, for example, you will not be able to login with the other 2 options, but you will be able to unlink your account with Facebook. The same action applies for whichever account you choose. We recommend choosing the platform you use on the most regular basis.

Already using Vidigami?

Remember, Social Sign-On can only work for a user if they are logging into Vidigami for the first time. If you already have an account with Vidigami and attempt to sign in through Facebook, Google or Microsoft, even if the email you use for the latter matches your current Vidiiami email, you may receive an error message where the system is unable to match you to an existing profile.


For more information about logging into Vidigami, please read the updated FAQs and the Quick Start Guide article in the Support Center, or, contact for any questions.

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