Laws are Changing. Here is How Vidigami is Addressing Them.

Privacy Laws are Changing. Here’s How Vidigami is Addressing Them.

In light of the recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica incident, the importance of Personal Data Privacy, Content Rights and Digital Citizenship have elevated attention globally. With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect on May 25th, countries are now re-evaluating the implications associated with the disregard and abuse of data privacy rights, and what it means for organizations and individuals’ sensitive personal information.

While schools have always acted responsibly in accordance with laws such as FERPA and COPPA in the United States, progressive states have already made strides to enact stricter laws, demanding more responsibility in regards to protecting personal data privacy. One key concept that has surfaced is that of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and it has come into consideration that media content such as photos and videos have the potential of revealing sensitive PII if not correctly formatted, moderated and shared within private communities.

Given the predicament of Facebook, the unauthorized sharing of PII via public social media sites has now come under heavy scrutiny. For educators, the challenge now lies in how such changes in legislation can be accommodated in today’s generation of digitally-native students and families, who are not only actively capturing their life experiences on social media, but are also beginning to engage in more interactive and digital media-centered academic programs. As a result, schools nationwide are beginning to develop and implement programs around Digital Citizenship, providing guidelines designed to educate, respect and protect digital rights.

While school administrators work to discourage staff and students from using tools and services that inadvertently expose personal data publicly, Vidigami in combination with a strong digital citizenship program can provide educators with a successful platform for promoting the responsible use of media; enhancing education through rich and authentic content. Vidigami also actively monitors regulations related to data privacy and rights. Please join our upcoming webinar to learn more on May 17th.

“Respecting the privacy of personal data and media information is at the core of the Vidigami service and ensuring the security of that data is a key value we provide to our schools and their communities,” says Mandy Chan, Founder and President of Vidigami. “By providing a collaborative media management platform within a private and secure environment for every school, we are providing a centralized repository of media assets that empower how educators, students and families teach, learn and interact.”

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