Top 10 Summer Projects with Vidigami

Top 10 Summer Projects with Vidigami

Convocations, alumni dinners, and all sorts of end-of-school activities have finally come and gone. Students are away and there’s finally room to breathe again – but is there? Most school admins are thinking about what to prioritize over the summer to not only catch up on 2017/2018 but also be best prepared for 2018/2019.

Here are the Top 10 things to get done this summer in Vidigami:

1 – Clean up data

To personalize content for every member and their family, personal information must always be correct and consistent. This includes:

Update member names 

Start accounting for requests to change actual, or preferred first and last names. You can update this for each user in their Profile page by selecting their name from the Users List.

Establish relationships

This is the connection between students and their parents/guardians. In Vidigami, establishing relationships will keep a given family notified on any new uploads or tagged content in their groups. In the Users List, filter All Users. Then, apply the No Relationship filter to list everyone without connections. By clicking on the user name, you will have the option to add students or parents under that user’s account.

Review Roles and Permissions

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget temporary roles and permissions given throughout the year. In the event that a role like Manager, Spectator or a specific Custom Role was assigned to non-administrative members in the community (like parents, students, teachers, or vendors) for a certain period of time, now is a great time to double check that everyone is reverted back to their original role accordingly.

2 – Audit Groups

Check Internal group privacy

A common misunderstanding is that Internal groups are set to be private to members only by default. The Internal label is a category name and the groups under it are no different than any other category. All groups are open to all members by default. If you do not want your groups to be visible to the community, be sure to go to the settings tab under each group and set it to Private.

Add people to their groups

Members who are not part of a School Year in Vidigami cannot access content shared. In your Users List, filter members by “No Year”. Then, select those users and add them to their relevant group under the year they belong to, so they can then access photos contributed there.

Remove unused groups

To avoid clutter, we encourage you to create new groups only when they are needed. If there are additional empty or unused groups that have no albums you can delete them.

Note: Be sure to NEVER delete Academic groups created by Vidigami as part of your setup! Deleting these will remove members part of the school year and undo your onboarding.

3 – Get albums in order

If you’ve got groups with miscellaneous albums that aren’t quite in the right place or being shared with the right people, it’s time to move them elsewhere. Ensure albums are linked to their relevant groups (albums can shift from one group to another, or simultaneously live under multiple groups). Watch this video to learn more. 

Tip: Don’t forget to add context tags to both groups and the albums within them. These tags will trickle down to content they contain, making everything much easier to search later!

4 – Update all context tags

Context tags are extremely valuable for anyone searching for specific content in Vidigami. Remove guesswork and make the process easier for them by removing redundant, repeated, or unused tags from the Tags tab.

5 – Tag faces

Whether you are just getting started with Vidigami or been with the platform for a while at your school, properly tagging faces manually will bump up auto-tagging, making the system smarter and smarter. Take some time this summer to tag people in photos. Parents will be in for a pleasant surprise as soon as they log back into Vidigami in the new school year, with even more feeds and updates from their kids’ school memories.

6 – Consolidate assets for the website, yearbook, and more

Got stock photos? Backgrounds? Candid photography from around campus? Whether its for marketing publications, the yearbook, or even the website, these assets need a central place to live. Why not bring them into Vidigami? Organize these different items into designated albums in a private marketing (or similar) group, add even more context tags, and use them when needed for publications, web design, and more.

7 – Rewind

Dig up some of your old photos, yearbooks and other content that’s been in storage for some time. If in print-form, summer is an excellent time to get these digitized and indexed. Then, you can add these to Vidigami under the right school year, groups, and (if user information is available) people too. It’s true…this is a time-consuming process, but when done right, makes all the difference in the world when it’s time to walk down memory lane for big community events and programs.

Note: To set up Rewind years for your school, be sure to contact your CSS.

8 – Get setup for 2018/2019

We want to ensure that you are fully set up for 2018-2019 school year and have a great plan in place for launching Vidigami to your community. This year, we have several options available for onboarding and setup. Be sure to set up a call with your client success specialist to go over these options and select what works best for your school. With your time and support, we will be able to set up your next school year with all the new members and basic groups you would like to have them be part of.

9 – Think about how do you want to launch Vidigami for 18/19

A great way to review your user activity over the past year is by checking your Insights. Using this information, you will have a much better idea of how to get your community informed and trained accordingly. We have a package to ensure you a successful launch for your school’s Vidigami program. Following setup, contact us for a range of adoption materials and resources, included targeted intro videos, sample emails for announcing Vidigami to your school community, custom invitations and strategies to monitor and work towards better engagement.

10 – Get some R&R!

Have a nice, cold Mai Tai and give yourself some much-deserved credit! With each and every step, you’ll build a process that makes wrapping up each school year easier, efficient and more rewarding than the last.

Lost or stuck anywhere? Book a chat with your CSS to ask any questions, or, join our product roadmap webinar in July to learn about what’s coming up for the new school year.

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