Highlights from BBUC 2018

Highlights from BBUC 2018 | August 1, 2018

July 31 2018 | Mandy Chan, Founder and President at Vidigami

We’re back from Seattle after another incredible K-12 Users Conference! These users conferences are such a great opportunity to connect face to face with people we work with at Blackbaud, in the industry and our schools. When Vidigami first started 5 years ago, the WhippleHill Users Conference in Boston was where we met some of our first schools! I remember having a glass of wine with Karen Tracy from Springside Chestnut Hill Academy at the Harborside Grill and the feedback and encouragement she offered as we developed out our service for the first year.

I hope those of you who attended UC18 walked away with tons of valuable ideas that make your upcoming school year that much more productive. Thank you to our partner, Brian Murray at Reach Boarding who co-hosted a hospitality event with us. Reach Boarding introduced their events management software to provide a sophisticated mechanism for managing students on and off campus. We look forward to integrating support for Vidigami with Reach to enhance how boarding schools can better capture and share the student experience.

As always, Vidigami is committed to providing our schools with the best place for storing and sharing school memories. With almost 300 schools now, we’ve worked really hard to incorporate our users’ feedback while continuing to innovate so that we can fulfill this commitment. The more we are able to help our schools leverage their photos, the more value we provide. Today, a curated set of photos can easily be published from Vidigami to Twitter, Facebook, Digital Newsletters, Portfolios, Learning Management Systems and Digital Screens. This same set of photos can be now also be accessed through Picaboo Yearbooks as they flow into the Creator Studio editor for yearbook production – or club books and team books.  Today, Vidigami crowdsources more than 30,000 photos annually for a school of 500 students. I’m thrilled to report that schools who have embraced Vidigami as part of their culture have managed to achieve up to 98% family engagement – I can’t wait for our first set of graduates to come through the system so that we’re able to the help tell the story of each of them – from the moment they started 1st grade to the moment they walk across that stage and are awarded their graduation certificate.

I also had a terrific conversation with Kate Auger-Campbell at the Enrolment Management Association.  I’ve always considered the application for Vidigami for current families and students and Kate really inspired me to think about how those 30,000 photos a school collects can help engage prospective families – especially millennial parents! I have some great ideas for what we can do to extend custom “views” into the school for admissions marketing through Vidigami. If you or a member of your marketing team are interested in working on this application, please contact me.  

To wrap up, we are continuing to work with the Blackbaud team to explore integrations that enhance the ability for our schools to tap into their repository of media across the key products offered by Blackbaud. Meanwhile, have a terrific school year and we look forward to seeing you at UC19!

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