Engaging Educational Consultants

Engaging Educational Consultants With Vidigami

By Drew Millikin | September 20, 2018

There are over 1,800 members in IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association), and many independent schools rely on these educational consultants to introduce their schools to prospective families from around the globe. Admissions professionals work hard to not only establish these relationships, but also maintain relationships with consultants who have placed students at their schools with timely and meaningful communication throughout the year.

Following up with progress reports and quick updates throughout the year is standard practice for admissions offices. In most cases, parents will allow consultants to access grades, comments, and even be able to connect with the students’ advisors.

With Vidigami, you can add another visual component to that communication. Now consultants can see how the student they helped to place at your school is doing through the photos and videos you’re already collecting on campus every day!

Have a consultant that has placed multiple students at you school? Get them involved and engaged! Invite them as a spectator member at your school, and adding them to the groups which those students are a part of. The same way, if they are connected to another school who is also using Vidigami, they will be able to merge all their accounts, so they can see how students are doing in each of those different schools in the sidebar under one account!

What better way to show an educational consultant that their student is thriving than photos of his or her smiling face!

To learn how to set up access for educational consultants, be sure to book a demo with us!

About Drew Millikin: Having spent 15 years working in admissions and advancement in both higher education and independent schools, Drew spent countless hours searching for photos on various servers and archives. Now, he’s thrilled to join the Vidigami Pros and and help schools successfully organize and share their content in a private and secure manner, for marketing and communications, enrollment, advancement, and more.

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