Sharing the Load: A Simpler Media Management Strategy For Your Marketing Team

Sharing the Load: A Simpler Media Management Strategy For Your Marketing Team

Team Vidigami | October 16 2018

Photos and videos are diamonds for marketing teams. Where would we be without them?!

We’ve talked to countless administrators from schools working with Vidigami, many managing the Marcomms department and exploring new strategies for getting media in order. If there’s one thing we’ve affirmed…this is no walk in the park. From collecting media from families, to archiving and organizing files into folders, then (the fun part) curating, sharing, and using media for print or digital communications…it can be a long and arduous process. Still, there are often one or more pieces that likely end up:

  • Getting lost in the void (possibly shoeboxed in one’s inbox, direct messages, camera reel, or memory card).
  • Unusable – like photos of no-media children or private families, blurry or pixelated snaps
  • Unsorted – with an avalanche of content all packed namelessly into a folder frenzy, there’s just not enough time to hunt and peck through everything – especially when its sitting namelessly in one of hundreds of folders!

If you’re encountering one (or more) of the above, perhaps it’s time to rethink: where are photos and videos coming from? Do we have the rights to use and publish this media? And, where should everything be stored after the fact? Whether it’s a one-person operation or a team effort, maybe it’s time to get in sync with some of the other media-savvy groups at your school. If you’ve already got Vidigami set up – you’re in luck. Here are a few tips to make the photo sharing process as smooth and secure as can be:

1 – Start Internally

If you’ve already connected with your Client Success Specialist (CSS), you’re probably familiar with the 2 Phases you’ll need to walk through in order to launch Vidigami to your community:

Phase 1: Internal and Phase 2: Community (which we’ll cover in the last section).

Phase 1 is all about building a foundation and creating an internal hub for members of your marketing team, and other key departments who rely on media content. In Phase 1, you’ll want to start by setting up some internal groups that include their respective members.

Some common examples of groups you can add are:

  • Marketing & Communications – a staple group in any Vidigami school…this often includes albums of professional photography of the campus, facilities, student life – essential assets for creating collateral material like viewbooks and brochures. You can also enable Sets in this group, which you can use to bookmark photos from all around Vidigami into public slideshows for social media channels and the school website.
  • Yearbook – a cherished piece of the school year that everyone can enjoy and look back at. Have a group set up for the yearbook team, where they can store portrait and group photos, final design assets, and LOTS of sets sampling photos from sports teams, classrooms, and some from the marketing team too!
  • Advancement – use this group to organize photos from fundraiser events, donor engagement campaigns, alumni reunions and other outreach programs.
  • Admissions – document visits to new schools, educational fairs, international enrollment events and on-campus tours for prospective families.
  • Faculty & Staff – capture photos of all the great events and gatherings behind the scenes; organized for and by the school staff.

Tip: start building out the top groups first – these are the departments or teams that are looking forward to collecting and sharing their media early and will naturally pick up Vidigami when you roll it out to them! You can also choose to make all or several of your internal groups “private” so only the staff members have access to them.

2 – Work Ahead

Over the course of the school year, identify all the other confirmed ‘groups’ of people, events, and other ongoings that are most likely to take place. As the Vidigami Administrator, it’s a great idea to get this done early, making it easy for your Photo Sources (covered next) to immediately get started with their media once they have been onboarded.

Remember to start small, and then as the year progresses, work your way upwards with new groups as needed so you avoid cluttering your system with unused containers.

3 – Engage Photo Sources

Photo Sources include all the individuals at your school who are media-savvy, and are already actively capturing and sharing what’s going on all year round with parents and each other, like school events, class activities, field trips, and more.

If you’ve kicked off Phase 1 of your Vidigami Rollout, you’ll want as many photo sources on your team as possible! Single out contributors like:

  • Volunteer parent photographers
  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Senior students

These individuals will help populate your Vidigami platform in all the right places, get content tagged and organized, so there’s something fresh to keep families engaged.

4 – Get The Community Involved

Internal staff…check. Photo sources…check. Next? Your community of course!

This is what Phase 2 is all about…engagement and taking crowdsourcing to a new level.

Enable anyone with a smartphone at your school to be a part of your new photo-sharing program and invite them to contribute their piece of the action. Assuming you’ve already onboarded your members, this should be as easy as the push of a button. Now, instead of just a handful of shots of the annual Fall Play, you have more than a hundred photos and videos taken by almost everyone in the audience, and from several points of view! A real treat for the yearbook, next brochure, or grad video.

To learn more about how to engage your internal team and photo sources, have a look at the Steps To Success page.

New to Vidigami? Book a demo with our team! We’ll be happy to show how you can use Vidigami to streamline marketing efforts at your school.

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