Vidigami October Release – What’s New?

Vidigami October Release – What’s New?

October 18, 2018

1 – Order media in your slideshows

Slideshows are a quick and engaging way to share highlights of school activities and events. With the latest release, we’ve introduced custom sorting in your group sets, so you can tell even better stories with your slideshows.

Simply navigate to your shared group set, then drag and drop content to display photos in your preferred order. If your slideshow is currently published on an external channel, it will instantly update the slideshow too!


2 – Separating Copyright and Watermark

Earlier this year, we introduced Copyright to enable owners of media to manage photo credits and to protect media from being repurposed using a digital watermark. We learned that this feature functions better independently.

  • Copyrights are intended to enable the owner of the media to give credit
  • Watermarking is intended to protect images.

These co-exist and one can be applied without the other. With this release, you can either (or both):

  • Add the copyright holder’s name to media without necessarily generating a watermark. The uploader of any media has the right to apply copyright credits. LEARN MORE
  • Apply a watermark, which immediately overlays the image with a screen with markings (as shown below) –  disabling it from being copied on-screen or repurposed by members of your community. This requires the user to hold a role of “Manager” or higher in the system or be explicitly granted “Manage Watermarking” permissions with a Custom Role. The Vidigami system administrator may enable or disable this feature. LEARN MORE.

3 – Other Enhancements

  • Updated Sort Options

While the Default sort option in albums and sets is still Recently Uploaded, we’ve updated the Taken At option to better capture the sort order from newest to oldest photos based on the day the photo was taken (i.e. Oldest First and Newest First).

  • Locked Album Indicator

Similar to the Featured album flag, Locked albums (where the upload of content has been disabled) will now display an indicator on the album thumbnail without the need to hover over it, so they can be identified at a glance within your group.

  • Keyboard batch select/deselect (shift and click)

Way to speed things up! If you are used to using Shift to batch manage files on your desktop (i.e. Finder, folders), you’re in luck. Now, you can select multiple media files in sequence by selecting one item and holding shift.

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