3 Ways to Do More With Slideshows (Fall 2018)

3 Ways To Do More With Slideshows

Team Vidigami | October 30, 2018

Slideshows are a quick and easy way to tell a story with your school photos.

From sports highlights, student work, and school visits, this feature enables you to set aside snapshots of some of the best moments crowdsourced and captured at key events, and put together a dynamic reel for everyone in your network to view!

Here are a few tips to help you do even more with your slideshows year:

1 – Add Titles to Media

Give your photos more context by adding a title in the More Info section within any open image. If the photo is part of a shared public set, this title will also appear in the slideshow. It’s a great way to give viewers a short description of what’s going on in the image, and is particularly useful for projects and artwork as you are flipping through a mix of work.

2 – Modify your Embed Code

Remember, embed codes are editable!

As an iframe, you can modify elements within the HTML embed code after you have copied it from Vidigami and pasted it into your school website, blog post, or other code block. Here is an example embed code, and a table of ways you can modify it based on your needs.

CodeHow to ModifyPurpose
width=”555” height=”370Modify the highlighted values for width and height.Adjust the dimensions of your slideshow depending on your web page or display.
autoplay=trueToggle ‘autoplay’ for the slideshow by changing the highlighted value to true (on) or false (off).When a slideshow is opened it will immediately beginning playing. This function helps you pause it on the first image.
loop=trueToggle ‘loop’ for the slideshow by changing the highlighted value to true (on) or false (off) Once a slideshow has displayed all images, it will start again from the beginning. This function helps you enable or disable the loop.
transparent=falseToggle the slideshow transparency by changing the highlighted value to true (on) or false (off) This function allows you to show or hide the black background behind the media).
mute=trueMute or unmute a slideshow by changing the highlighted value to true (mute) or false (unmute) This toggle enables the playback of title and description text for each image displayed via a screen reader. It is aimed at enabling schools to work towards becoming ADA Compliant.
show_title=trueToggle titles by changing the highlighted value to true (on) or false (off) This allows you to show or hide the titles for all media displayed in the slideshow.
album_link=falseToggle the ‘Go To Album’ option on the slideshow by simply adding the function after show_title=true& (i.e. show_title=true&album_link=false).This enables or disables the ‘Go To Album’ option at the bottom right corner of the slideshow, which allows registered Vidigami users to access the source album for any given image.

3 – Modify your set content

Sets are a way for you to bookmark or put aside select media stored across albums in Vidigami for a specific use. You can add photos to a set from any album that you have access to in Vidigami, either into a personal set (private to you alone as the user), or a shared set within a given group. Once added, you can:

  • Sort your photos in a custom order of appearance by simply dragging and dropping each thumbnail. LEARN MORE.
  • Add or remove media from your set (without duplicating or deleting photos from existing albums).
  • Add more media information (title, description, creators).

The beauty of shared sets is that even if you have already shared the slideshow (using the share link or embed code generated for the set) as a social media post, via email, or on the school website, you can always modify the content using the same steps above at any later point! The changes will be applied to the slideshow wherever it is being published.

Check out our previous blogs on publishing sets to social media, digital displays and even as portfolio reels for classrooms and students.

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