Vidigami December 2018 Release – What’s New?

Vidigami December Release – What’s New?

December 5, 2018

This month, we’re releasing some much anticipated features in Vidigami: Microsoft O365 Add-In, Insights, Video, and suggestions to encourage community face tagging. Here’s a summary of each feature to help kick off 2019…

1 – Vidigami Photo Selector Add-in for Microsoft O365

Open up your O365 apps! By installing the Vidigami Photo Selector Add-in (now live) in Powerpoint or Word, you can now easily transform your presentations, newsletters and documents with rich content from Vidigami.

This Add-in is free for Vidigami Users. LEARN MORE

2 – New and Improved Insights

Admins, we have good news!

The Insights tab is back in the Admin panel, with a new look and some much-needed improvements. Now, not only can you see an overview of your School Progress (activations and family coverage) in a more simplified way, but you can also monitor general activity such as uploads, total face tags, and more throughout your school year. On top of that, pinpoint your top users (taggers, uploaders) as well as albums receiving the highest activity in a more engaging way than ever before. LEARN MORE.

Tip: Initiate contests for uploading or tagging content within albums in Vidigami. Using the Top 5 stats for users and albums, you can determine and reward those in the lead!

3 – Video in Vidigami: Clips

Vidigami now supports 2 default types of video:

  • Embedded Videos (Youtube/Vimeo)

You might already be familiar with the ability to embed videos. This provides admins and managers an easy way to add long videos into Vidigami – perfect to showcase graduation ceremonies, holiday concerts and school plays that have already been published to a third party source (YouTube and Vimeo). Embedding videos is a Permission (called Insert External) that can be toggled within a Custom Role. LEARN MORE.

  • Clips

Clips are short videos of up to 30 seconds. These are intended to capture quick moments from school. Vidigami does not differentiate clips from photos, so all users may upload Clips along with their photos by default (as part of the Upload Media option available at a group or album level). LEARN MORE.

4 – Suggestions

Because every photo tagged of a student (by either Face, ‘Creator’, or ‘With’) gets added to their personal Portfolio page (as Media or Works), we’re now making it easier for your community to help with face tagging.

Upon opening an image with faces (mobile or web), a small badge on the Tag Faces option in the Lightbox will indicate the total number of faces detected in the photo (indicated as a grey box). As these detected faces are tagged, Vidigami will begin provide suggestions for you in that photo, based on the faces it has the highest confidence in. Use these suggestions to accurately tag faces for the right people and help the system become smarter over time.

We will be sharing more information on the parameters for tagging photos soon, so stay tuned!

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