Vidigami January Release – What’s New?

Vidigami January Release – What’s New?

January 31, 2019

This month, we’ve made some changes to Group Sets, making it easier for users with different roles to access collections, contribute to them and share media externally with the appropriate permissions.


Here’s a summary of what’s new:

1 – See All Sets In Your Group

When opening a new group, the Sets Tab was originally hidden by default, and could only be enabled via the Group Settings. Now, when a new group is created and opened, because it is Public by default, the Sets Tab and its content will always appear along with the Albums, Members, and Settings Tabs.

Note: Admins and Managers have the ability to modify the group privacy so they can manage user and content access. To do this, they must navigate to the group’s Settings. If the group is Public, anyone who is a member of the group, and, a member of the current School Year will be able to enter and view the group content, including the Albums and Group Sets. If the group is made Private, however, only members of that group will be able to see the group content. Additionally, Admins can always modify members’ roles within a group, allowing them to view, contribute to and manage group sets.

2 – How Will I Share My Set?

Admins and Managers can now choose to share content more quickly and efficiently at different levels (either privately or publicly) by simply navigating to the Group Set and selecting the Share Set icon. Here, they have several options:

  • Share Link to Set

The first URL generated is a Share Link to Set that takes users to the Group Set as it appears in Vidigami. Depending on the Group’s Privacy Settings and permissions, this HTML link can only be opened by registered members of the current School Year and/or the members of the group who are already logged in to Vidigami. If the recipient of the link is not a current user, they will not be able to access the Group Set.

  • Share Slideshow Outside Vidigami

To share media publicly, within the same Share Set window, the Admin or Manager must select the Share Slideshow Outside Vidigami checkbox. This will prompt them to accept the End User Agreement, and will generate a new HTML link to Share Slideshow Outside Vidigami. When opened in a browser or clicked from a shared post, all content within the Group Set will be displayed as a secure, dynamic slideshow that is viewable by anyone outside the Vidigami community, while restricting the download of any displayed content.

Note: Remember that you can always modify your Group Set content, media titles, and Slideshow styling, and more even after it has been published outside Vidigami! Check out our previous blog: 3 Ways to Do More With Slideshows.

  • Embed Slideshow

Lastly, by selecting the Show Embed Code icon adjacent to the social media sharing options within the same Share Set window, Vidigami will generate an additional Embed Code for the Slideshow that can be inserted into any iframe code block. This is used for embedding slideshows to web pages, blog posts, digital signage software, and other platforms.

Note: If the viewer is a registered Vidigami user at your school, they will be able to navigate to the respective album for each media through the first option on the bottom right corner of slideshow (Go To Album). If the viewer is not a current user and is not logged into the system, this button will redirect them to the Vidigami Login Page.

3 – See Your Group Sets via Your Portfolio

If a user has the Manage Group permissions (or higher) for one or more groups containing sets in Vidigami, they now have the ability to see them all in their personal Portfolio Page via the Group Sets Tab. This tab will only display the Group Sets where the user can contribute content to.

If the user does not have the Manage Group Sets, Admin, or Manager permissions for any groups in their school year, this Tab will appear empty.

Need support? Please contact, or, be sure to reach out to your CSS.

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