Vidigami March 2019 Release – What’s New?

Vidigami March 2019 Release – What’s New?

March 7, 2019

We’ve made 3 changes this month to how you work with media in Vidigami. Firstly, you can now choose a file size when downloading images. Secondly, we’ve made private groups more visible in your Group Directory. And, lastly, you can now batch-add metadata to multiple files as an Admin or Manager.

Here’s a summary:

1 – Batch-Apply Metadata

In Vidigami, users with the permissions below may now batch-apply new metadata to multiple files:

  • With the Apply Tags Permission, you can batch-add context tags to multiple photos or videos. Context tags allow you to search for content in Vidigami more easily, so they can be pulled up quickly for different uses.
  • With the Manage Albums Permission, you can designate a common Copyright holder, or, replace a current Copyright holder with a new one. (Because multiple files may contain a combination of metadata – some with watermarks, different context tags and copyright holders – this feature only enables you to batch-add new information, not remove existing information.)
  • With the Manage Watermark Permission you can batch-add a watermark to multiple image files.

These actions enable you to protect the rights for multiple files more easily and efficiently, while managing the context for each media such that it is searchable and relevant to the right people. All the permissions above are enabled by default for Admins and Managers.

Note: In order to edit the data for individual media, you can always open the file within the Lightbox to add, remove or modify the context tags, Copyright Holder, and whether or not (the image) requires a watermark.

2 – What is the best file size to download?

In the web app, users with the Download Media Permission now have two options available to them. When downloading an image, you can either choose a web version (default), which would compress the image file to a smaller size and resolution (best for online use), or, you can choose to download the original image.

Note: All images downloaded from the Vidigami mobile app are original images as they are captured in full-resolution. Similarly, batch downloaded images are original images. There is no option to batch download reduced resolution images.

3 – Private groups at-a-glance

By setting a group to be Private via the Group Settings (or upon creating a new group from the Group Directory), a visual ‘locked’ indicator will be displayed on the group icon, meaning that it is now private and can only be accessed by its members.

Note: You may want to set internal groups for Faculty & Staff, Administration, Yearbook, and Marketing as Private. This will ensure that content ‘in-the-works’, publication photography, and team-based group sets used for administrative purposes are not made public to other members of your school year!

Need support? Please contact, or, be sure to reach out to your CSS.

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