Sharing School Announcements with Vidigami

Sharing School Announcements with Vidigami

By Team Vidigami | March 7, 2019.

Announcements or ‘vlogs’ from leadership are a great way to engage the school as a community. In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a repository for all school announcements in Vidigami, and how you can share them out.

1 – Create a group

Start by navigating to your Group Directory (your school logo on the sidebar) and create a new group under the Events category. You can also choose to place this group under any other group category that you see fit!

Give this group a name that is easy to associate with the content, such as School Announcements. Make sure the group is public, and lastly add some tags to make the content easily searchable. Once you click “Proceed,” the group is created.

2 – Add Members

After you create the group, make sure to navigate to the “Members” tab within it, and add all the members of your community by checking the multi-select box on the top left corner of the Add Member pop-up.

Make sure to change the roles of all members to “Spectator.” This change ensures viewers don’t delete your content by accident. Keep in mind that the role you apply here is at the group level only, and will not change how those users access other groups in Vidigami.

Once the members are added to the group, a shortcut will appear for the in their sidebar.

3 – Create an Album

Next, click on the “Albums” tab within the same group, and create a new album. School announcements cover a wide range of topics, and albums are a great way to keep all those different announcements organized. You can set a specific starting date for your album, too. Just toggle off the year-round option, and enter a start date. Albums also hierarchically inherit tags. You can add additional tags that are specific to this album as well.

Click on “Proceed,” and Voila! You’re ready to upload your announcements!

Your content will appear at the top of the Feeds page when you upload it.

Best practices on video creation

Let’s move on to video creation. Like all other creative fields, video production is about trial and error and learning from your mistakes. However, You can increase your success by considering the following points.


  • Book a specific time of the week to plan, record and publish your content.
  • Allocate enough time for some practice runs and a few takes.
  • Write a script – this will:
    • Reduce the number of takes
    • Ensure you’ve communicated everything you wanted to say.


  • Video
    • Use a tripod. Whether you’re using a camera or a mobile device, a tripod provides stability and allows you to focus on capturing your story.
      Use the rule of thirds to frame your subject. This technique makes your content more visually engaging.
    • Find a light source. Lighting goes a long way when it comes to the quality of your video. If you’re shooting indoors, using a lighting kit is recommended. You can also use natural light, such as the light coming in from a window. In either case, make sure the subject is facing the light.
  • Audio
    • Use an external microphone — An external microphone significantly improves the quality of your video. If you don’t have access to a microphone, consider the following recommendations:
      • Get close to the subject.
      • Find a quiet space to record.


  • If you are using your mobile device to capture your video, make sure to have the Vidigami app installed to speed up your workflow.
  • If you’re using any other equipment, make sure you have the necessary cables, card reader and software to transfer your media.

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Happy Vlogging!

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