2 Questions to Ask Before Adopting Yet Another Social Platform

2 Questions to Ask Before Adopting Yet Another Social Platform

By Drew Millikin | March 27, 2019

I started my journey in education back in 2004, when I was working for the admissions office at Saint Michael’s College. Ever since, I’ve had my hand in marketing and the EdTech world. Now, I am a self-described social media hang-a-rounder.

I distinctly remember when Facebook opened to schools outside of the Ivy League sphere in 2004, and, when the first iPhone came out in 2007. It wasn’t long after the latter when it started to feel like everyone had some sort of app. There was an app that would create a game with your college’s branding. There were apps that could give students a virtual tour of your campus. We were getting bombarded with pitches for apps that would boost enrollments, and later in the development office at Groton School, our alumni engagement and annual giving.

When pitched to, I always had two questions, for which I rarely received satisfactory answers:

1 – Why would a person (prospect, alumni, parent, grandparent) download this app?

2 – Why would they return to it – not just once, but really make it a part of their daily routine?

I may be biased, but of all the social apps that have come my way, the first that I have seen that is able to clearly answer both questions above is Vidigami. In addition to all of the benefits it provides as a private and secure way for schools to centralize and organize all of their photos, it is also a private social network for parents. School-centric, reliable, and most of all, private.

Now, allow me to revisit my two questions here:

1 – Why would, in this case, a parent download the Vidigami app?

Because they want see pictures of their kids. As a parent, I would love to see photos of my two boys at school. What happens from the time they get there until the time they get home is a total mystery to me. I have no idea! I’m not alone either. Our research has shown that 86 percent of parents who have kids at independent schools want to see more photos of their children in school.

2 – Why would a parent return to the app, making it part of their daily routine?

To keep seeing those great photos of their kids, of course! As a school, you have the people who matter most to them in your care for the majority of the day. If you’re a boarding school, there could be half a world between me as a parent, and my child. If you are actively capturing what happens on campus on a regular basis, and sending me notifications of new content, then I know I am certainly going to make Vidigami a part of my daily routine, knowing I’ll have that real-time feed of my children’s life at school.

About Drew Millikin: Having spent 15 years working in admissions and advancement in both higher education and independent schools, Drew spent countless hours searching for photos on various servers and archives. Now, he’s joining the Vidigami Pros as Director of Sales, to help schools successfully organize and share their content in a private and secure manner, for marketing and communications, advancement efforts, and more.

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