3 Ways to Leverage Athletic Highlights at your School

3 Ways to Leverage Athletic Highlights at your School By Mel Adams | June 25, 2019 Athletics make up a huge part of the school culture and legacy. It connects everyone at your school - the students, parents, and staff! Whether there is a big game approaching, or a team practice session, it’s important [...]

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School Stories | Trinity-Pawling School

School Stories | Trinity-Pawling School June 24, 2019 Take 15 minutes to listen to Vidigami's Client Success Education Specialist, Calina Franz-Hernandez, and Trinity-Pawling School's Assistant Librarian and Vidigami Pro, Nicolle McDougal. In this 360 chat, she shares her experiences testing the waters with Vidigami during their first year, launching the platform to the school [...]

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Summer Playbook | Part 1: Getting Started

Warming up to Media Management this Summer? By Daman Arora | June 21, 2019 Where there is a smartphone, there is a moment waiting to be captured! Photos and videos are taken and shared annually by millions of families around the world. Parents (particularly grade school families ) have a unique opportunity to stay [...]

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Whitepaper: The Role of Media in K12 Education

Visual Imagery Transcends Language and Culture. It’s the universal language for every smartphone user who has ever taken a photo and shared it digitally. As schools drive curriculum and policy agendas aimed at improving equity and access, digital media can personalize student learning, providing parents and community insight into what is happening in [...]

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Refresh Your School’s Newsletter with Powerpoint and Vidigami Slideshows

Refresh Your School Newsletter with Powerpoint and Vidigami Slideshows By Daman Arora | June 14, 2019 One of the perks of working with the Vidigami Client Success team is that I get to speak to schools around the world on how they drive engagement and run communications within their communities. This gives us great insights [...]