Refresh Your School’s Newsletter with Powerpoint and Vidigami Slideshows

Refresh Your School Newsletter with Powerpoint and Vidigami Slideshows

By Daman Arora | June 14, 2019

One of the perks of working with the Vidigami Client Success team is that I get to speak to schools around the world on how they drive engagement and run communications within their communities. This gives us great insights into what’s important to our users, some of the challenges they often face and the  tools and strategies they implement in order to tackle them. This continues to have an impact on how we move forward as a solution! At the end of the day, one thing is clear…it always comes back to the student, staff and most importantly, parent engagement.

There are several ways we’ve seen this happen among our schools. The go-to approach? Newsletters!

Sharing News

Getting creative with how you deliver news to your community can be fun, and for some folks, it may even be the highlight of their day!

While many schools opt for a simple email message, others use PDFs and downloadable content that they may attach to those emails. Some may even simply rely on their LMS or SIS to share announcements within their community.

There are a several different tools and applications which allows you to create and send newsletters. This task may be the responsibility of one individual at your school or the responsibility may rely on each teacher to send out their own newsletters to parents. In this post, I want to share ways you can use Vidigami to create fun, media-rich newsletters that not only keeps parents engaged, but also encourages them to log into Vidigami and interact with all content that has been uploaded to your school’s account. Since all your school content is already in Vidigami, you may already be trying to encourage your parents to log into the system. Why not boost that interaction by sharing a newsletter in the form of a Vidigami slideshow?

Using Powerpoint to Create Quick Newsletter ‘Visuals’

While photos are a key component in the newsletter, you’ll want to ensure you have the relevant text to accompany the content. Personally, I love working with Powerpoint. It’s a quick and easy tool for creating slides and graphics, especially if you’re not too familiar with the more advanced design tools like inDesign and Photoshop. Did you know that you could also export a slide into a JPEG image just as you would with other design tools?

If you put together one or more Powerpoint slides covering important news and updates, you can then save those slides as JPEG images, so they can be uploaded to Vidigami for a ‘newsletter slideshow’!

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re writing up a post about the convocation ceremony that recently took place on campus and you’d like to share some photos of that event with your community:

  1. Simply create the slides in the Powerpoint with the text content (and imagery if part of a layout). 
  2. Download the slides as individual JPEGs.
  3. Upload the JPEG slides to a designated album under your Marketing group in Vidigami (titled ‘Slides’).
  4. Select the checkboxes on the slide thumbnails in Vidigami and add them to a public group set (titled ‘Weekly Newsletter’) within the Marketing Group, maybe along with some other great field trip images already saved in Vidigami!
  5. Within that group set, select ‘Share’ and grab the share link of the slideshow.
  6. Include this link your actual email newsletter and send away!

Now, when a parent receiving the email clicks on that share link to view the slideshow, they get to see photos of the event in the same place. It also gives the option to make it full screen and if allowed, access that image right inside of Vidigami via the “Go To Album” icon (if enabled).

Tip: You can use Vidigami’s Photo Selector Add-in for Office 365 to not only import your Vidigami photos directly into O365, but also use a tool called Design Ideas within Powerpoint to instantly make some impressive slides for your school stories!

Here is a sample June newsletter that we’ve put together below:

You may have other tools that you use to create slides. Another tool that comes to mind is Canva – a great free tool that allows you to get creative with your slides! Your school may also have access to one of the Adobe tools that could also do this task. Whichever option you go with, always be sure to check if the tool is compliant with your school’s software policies!


You can still rely on sending out emails where you can provide a link to the slideshow for your community to view, as well as other information with links or a call to action. However, instead of just attaching photos to the email or having them compressed in a small PDF file, creating a slideshow in Vidigami will give people a chance to view the original photos on their devices and give them an opportunity to jump into Vidigami to view more content directly from the slideshows.

Additionally, you can set permissions in Vidigami for each of your staff members who can do this on their own if they wish to and send out to the parents of their students only.

If you’re interested in learning more about this or would like to have a one-on-one training session on group sets, slideshows and how to use them for newsletters, be sure to reach out your Client Success Specialist or email us at

Until then, hope this sparked some ideas for your next newsletter!

About Daman Arora: Daman has been as a Customer Success professional for almost 10 years, working with some of the largest companies in the world, such as Salesforce. He has also been a part of a 3-person startup! Now, he is managing the Vidigami Customer Success and Support team, sharing his years of experience to provide the best possible service to each school that uses Vidigami.

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