3 Ways to Leverage Athletic Highlights at your School

3 Ways to Leverage Athletic Highlights at your School

By Mel Adams | June 25, 2019

Athletics make up a huge part of the school culture and legacy. It connects everyone at your school – the students, parents, and staff! Whether there is a big game approaching, or a team practice session, it’s important to capture what’s happening on the field. These moments stay with the school, and the students, long after they graduate and advance in their athletic careers. It’s time to get all hands on deck and flow all your school’s top sports moments into one centralized place.

Here are 3 ways you can already do this with your own photo management platform:

1 – Create an ‘Athletics’ Category

Organization is key when it comes to managing media. First things first, set up a dedicated athletics category or bucket in your media repository, just as you would for all other things school-related (i.e. classroom activities, clubs, and school-wide events). This new category is where all your athletics content will live, where coaches, players and other constituents can contribute their content. It’s also where you can share media privately with the right teams, directors, and even the parents of student athletes.

Within this category, create folders or groups where you can share team lineups, game results, video recordings hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, as well as candids from tryouts and practice sessions. 

Tip: keywords are your friend! As photos and videos are added to your system, be sure to tag players and coaches by face or context. These keywords make your media useful and accessible for students building out portfolios or staff members seeking candids for next year’s athletics Viewbook. Simply search for the keyword, and find what you are looking for in a heartbeat.

2 – Get Student Journalists Involved

We’ve seen a number of schools incorporating digital media in their photo journalism or school newspaper assignments. Sports journalism and visual storytelling is a highly engaging way for students to get out on the field and share stories about their teams. Encourage videography for journalism projects and assign students to produce creative video shorts for competitions, documentaries, interviews, or half time broadcasts. Not to mention, all those priceless candid photos that get to be featured in the yearbook at the end of the year!

3 – Broadcasting Slideshows

Create collections of highlights from a big game that your Communications and Marketing teams can broadcast to your arena displays (students love seeing their photos featured around campus!). Or, directly share out those collections to social media channels, as well as the school website. For students, these can also serve as fantastic assets for personal college applications – sporting achievements they can look back on throughout their school years.

Tip: Be sure to make the curation of your highlight collections a collaborative process – it can be quite a task sifting through hundreds of photos for one game alone! Look out for those action moments that stand out, but don’t forget to collect a few candids too.

About Mel Adams: Meet Mel, one of the Vidigami Pros! Mel showcases the value of Vidigami with new schools, helping them successfully organize and share their content in a private and secure manner, for marketing and communications, advancement efforts, student portfolios and more.

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