Vidigami Fall 2019 Release – What’s Coming?

Fall 2019 – What’s Coming?

Team Vidigami | July 31, 2019

Vidigami is making a number of big changes this Fall. Here is what to expect over the next few months:

1 – Improved Home Page

The Vidigami home page is getting a brand new look!

Upon logging into Vidigami, users will be able to access the Feeds, Group Directory and Yearbook Library (if enabled for your school) all from adjacent tabs within the home page. A new home header has also been added, displaying your school’s name and logo to better promote your brand and create a more centralized “home base” for all content shared within your community. By integrating these 3 menus in the home page, we seek to improve navigation and de-clutter the sidebar.

2 – Easily share sets with your community via email (Coming later this Fall)

In January 2019, we added a way for group managers to share the link to a group set via email or social media. This coming Fall, group managers will additionally be able to select specific users from n order to send them an email with a link to the set.

3 – Protect Media vs. Copyright (Coming later this Fall)

In 2018, Vidigami introduced a way for content owners (those who upload the content) as well as admins and managers to add Copyright holders and Watermarks to images. An improvement will be released in the Fall to better distinguish the two actions based on the content owner’s needs.

Protect Image: The ‘Apply Watermark’ toggle within the lightbox will be renamed ‘Protect Media’. The action will remain the same – a digital screen is overlaid on the image, deterring viewers from downloading, taking screenshots of and sharing the image outside Vidigami.

When to use ‘Protect Image’? If you would like to prevent viewers of your content from downloading your photo and possibly taking screenshots (which would enable them to reshare or use the content elsewhere), applying the Vidigami ‘Protected’ Watermark will disable the download and use of that image.

Display Copyright: If a copyright holder has been added to an image, Vidigami will provide an additional checkbox that allows the content owner to display a copyright holder’s name or organization on the image, if required. Unlike the ‘Protect Image’ action, the purpose of this toggle is to indicate the owner of the image, and that this owner must be credited when the image is shared beyond Vidigami.

When to use copyright? If a contract photographer was invited to access Vidigami under a custom role, they may wish to have the ability to upload media and manage copyright. Should the photographer wish to sell their work to your school community, they can input the copyright holder on their photography in Vidigami. A company website or store page link can also be added to the description of each image for sale.

Need support? Please contact, or, be sure to reach out to your CSS.

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