6 Halloween and Thanksgiving Ideas

6 Halloween and Thanksgiving Ideas In A Pandemic School Year

With the COVID-19 pandemic, things are a little different at school this year. Nonetheless, the enthusiasm and anticipation for Halloween and Thanksgiving hasn’t dimmed. Whether students are learning remotely, having in-person classes, or a combination of the two, you can remind your school community about why Fall is so great and inspire them to create and upload wonderful content into Vidigami to stay connected to each other. Here are some ideas for you to get the ball rolling and show people that even if there are no on-site events this year, there is a ton of fun to be had and memories to be captured and shared.

1. Halloween Dress Up Contest

Platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Facebook Rooms are great options to host a virtual halloween. Have members of your school community dress up and take pictures to then upload on Vidigami. You can create a dedicated album for a Halloween Contest and encourage your students and staff to share their best costume selfie for others to vote on. Even get your teachers involved and have them upload their own selfies. Next, encourage your community to go and “Like” their favourite costume(s) to vote. At the end of the voting window, go into Vidigami and find the photo with the most likes to get your winner!

Take a look at our Vidigami team costumes from 2019!

2. Show Off Your Halloween Decorations At Home 

Depending on the community you live in, trick or treating may or may not be happening this year. Regardless, many people are still going to decorate their homes to get into the spirit of the holiday as it is a tradition that they cherish. Encourage your students to share photos of any halloween decorations that they and their families have put up. While this is not directly a school event, it does help promote a sense of community. Parents can see that the school is trying to find ways to keep their kids connected to each other and drive forward social engagement virtually.

3. Decorate Face Masks

This is such a creative, fun, and easy way to incorporate into a costume. Turn your mask into an art project. You could draw in a scary monster, glue in sequins and let it sparkle, or even make a homemade mask with halloween fabric. Show your creativity with the rest of your school community by uploading the finished project to Vidigami. You can also record the DIY process and share how you designed your face mask. 

4. What Are You Grateful For?

Here is a video content drive that you can push for your community. Have your teachers assign to students a fun assignment where they make a 10 or 20 second video sharing what they are grateful for this year. This is a perfect assignment for Thanksgiving and parents will love it just as much. With everyone that has been happening in 2020, getting some feel-good videos from your wonderful students and teachers to share with families will be sure to lift up spirits and bring the community closer together.

5. What’s Your Thanksgiving Feast?

One of the single greatest things about Thanksgiving is all the delicious food that we get to eat! Although our dinner tables may be much smaller this year due to COVID, there is a good chance that our plates will not. Get your students to share a photo of their dinner plates to show all of the wonderful things that their families have made for Thanksgiving this year. Remind them not to forget about the desert photos! 

Bonus brownie points for photos of students helping prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner!

6. Share Your Traditions

Every individual is different and each family has their own unique traditions that make them so special. Encourage your students to share photos or videos of their family traditions with each other. Diversity helps people and communities grow and it also allows us to to see and experience new things that we normally would not be exposed to. Have your students show their friends and peers what makes Halloween or Thanksgiving special in their home. This could be putting up a specific decoration, putting on a play in the living room, cooking a special dish, it could even mean putting up holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Whatever the tradition may be that is meaningful to them and their family, have them share it with each other. 

2020 has been a difficult year for many, and children especially are feeling the impact of it all. Many are still at home learning remotely while others are in classrooms with significant barriers. It is more important now than ever to encourage community growth virtually as that is how we are all staying connected. Where in-class photos can be taken, take them and add them to Vidigami. In all other cases, teachers and staff at school need to find ways to get students and families at the school to stay connected with each other beyond just assignments. Getting creative and providing opportunities for taking and sharing photos and videos should be an essential part of the school community and it is the school’s responsibility to take the lead there.

At Vidigami, we know that this is not always an easy task so we’re here to help give you as many ideas as we can. If you have other ideas or would like to continue brainstorming with us, you can always reach out to your Client Success Specialist at Vidigami and we’re always here for you.

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