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Does your School Have a Retention Committee?

Does your School Have a Retention Committee? By Drew Millikin | August 14, 2019 I recently came across an interesting thought piece on the challenging role of enrollment managers by Angel B. Pérez, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Success at Trinity College, and Trustee of Berkshire School.  Although written from the perspective of a [...]

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Understanding Photo Metadata (Part 3)

Understanding Your Photo Metadata (Part 3) By Drew Millikin | July 26, 2019 In my previous two blogs on metadata, we covered what makes up metadata and what happens to that data when you upload photos to public social media sites and platforms.  Throughout this series, I heavily referenced the New York Times’ Privacy [...]

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Vidigami Fall 2019 Release – What’s Coming?

Fall 2019 - What’s Coming? Team Vidigami | July 31, 2019 Vidigami is making a number of big changes this Fall. Here is what to expect over the next few months: 1 - Improved Home Page The Vidigami home page is getting a brand new look! Upon logging into Vidigami, users will be able [...]

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Understanding Photo Metadata (Part 2)

Understanding Your Photo Metadata (Part 2) By Drew Millikin | July 26, 2019 Can image metadata be owned?  The answer is yes. However, the ownership of metadata depends on 2 things:  Copyright Location of the image. When you take a photo with your digital camera, all the internal metadata stored in your SD card [...]

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Summer Playbook | Part 3: Official Launch

Getting your System Community-Ready By Daman Arora | July 19, 2019 Showtime! With Steps 1 and 2 out of the way, you’re in a great spot. Your internal team and key users from the test group have been helping populate your media management application and you’ve been tagging all of your students in photos. [...]

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Interactive Accessibility using Slideshows

Using Screen Readers for Vidigami Slideshows By Team Vidigami | July 17, 2019 Vidigami is designed to support content accessibility (this emphasizes content vs our application to be ADA compliant). Slideshows published within Vidigami complies with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Guidelines and are compatible with popular screen readers on the market, including: For Windows [...]

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Summer Playbook | Part 2: Soft Launch

5 Steps to 'Soft Launch' your System By Daman Arora | July 15, 2019 When it comes to school-wide photo sharing, it’s always a good idea to take things one step at a time - particularly when it comes to managing who can do what in the system. This is where 'soft launching' comes [...]

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Understanding Photo Metadata (Part 1)

Understanding Your Photo Metadata (Part 1) By Drew Millikin | July 2, 2019 There’s a lot more to photos than meets the eye on screen. From the moment a photo is captured, uploaded across devices or shared online, there is a wealth of nested data. Sometimes, a user’s entire life is unknowingly displayed on [...]

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3 Ways to Leverage Athletic Highlights at your School

3 Ways to Leverage Athletic Highlights at your School By Mel Adams | June 25, 2019 Athletics make up a huge part of the school culture and legacy. It connects everyone at your school - the students, parents, and staff! Whether there is a big game approaching, or a team practice session, it’s important [...]

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School Stories | Trinity-Pawling School

School Stories | Trinity-Pawling School June 24, 2019 Take 15 minutes to listen to Vidigami's Client Success Education Specialist, Calina Franz-Hernandez, and Trinity-Pawling School's Assistant Librarian and Vidigami Pro, Nicolle McDougal. In this 360 chat, she shares her experiences testing the waters with Vidigami during their first year, launching the platform to the school [...]

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