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Steps to Take to Become GDPR-Compliant

Steps To Take To Become GDPR-Compliant In our last blog post, we discussed whether GDPR applied to schools in the US and Canada. Assuming that GDPR applies to your school, what do you need to do next? 1 - Consent GDPR requires that an organization obtain consent from an EU resident before collecting [...]

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GDPR. Does It Apply To Your School?

GDPR. Does It Apply To Your School? Top 5 Questions You Need to Ask to Understand If GDPR Applies to Your Organization 1 - What is GDPR? General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of provisions passed by the European Union (EU) governing how data can be collected, used and shared. The [...]

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Laws are Changing. Here is How Vidigami is Addressing Them.

Privacy Laws are Changing. Here's How Vidigami is Addressing Them. In light of the recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica incident, the importance of Personal Data Privacy, Content Rights and Digital Citizenship have elevated attention globally. With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect on May 25th, countries are now re-evaluating the [...]

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Vidigami 4.5.7 – What’s New?

Vidigami 4.5.7 – What’s New? You might have seen and used a number of apps that give you the option to login via one of your existing accounts. If you have yet to activate your Vidigami account and are logging into the system for the first time, you can now choose to login [...]

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Updates from ATLIS 2018

Updates from ATLIS 2018 Vidigami helped ATLIS document a fantastic three days in Crystal City, VA at the Annual ATLIS Conference (April 14 to 18). Sarah Hanawald, Executive Director of ATLIS, and her team welcomed up to 500 attendees - the largest turnout to date - including EdTech vendors, associations, and technology professionals [...]

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Vidigami 4.5.6 – What’s New?

What's new in Vidigami | March, 2018 Vidigami has launched some new features that make it easier for users to tag people in media as well as to manage group sets and slideshows. Here's what's new: Turning your group sets 'public' Upon creating a new group set, you will be able to enable [...]

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Why Private Schools Need A Private Network to Manage Media

Why Private Schools Need A Private Network to Manage Media Like many businesses, schools are quickly adopting social media sharing platforms as tools to communicate and engage with their customers (current and prospective families, donors, alumni). But although sharing is at the heart and soul of any community, we must also be mindful [...]

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2 Ways to Win at ‘Tag’ and Stop Playing ‘Hide and Seek’

2 Ways to Win at Tag and Stop Playing Hide and Seek Keywords are tools to make digital content searchable and accessible for everyone (think hashtags, SEO, and labels). By giving a photo or album simple and consistent tags like ‘athletics’, you make it easier for a coach to find photos for a team [...]

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Meet Us At The ATLIS Annual Conference 2018

Meet Us At The ATLIS Annual Conference 2018 (And, bring your laptops. It's going to get hands-on!) The Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) will hold its annual gathering of IT and EdTech independent school leaders on April 15-18, 2018, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Crystal City, Virginia. ATLIS is [...]

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Vidigami & Finalsite: The Content Strategy Your School Needs To Engage Families

Webinar: A Glimpse at The Raleigh School's Content Strategy for Engaging Families using Vidigami and Finalsite At your school, possibly the most important constituents to consider are families. How do you build connection with current parents, and reinforce prospective families' decisions to enrol their children? Simple: engaging content and stories. Each school year, [...]

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